1. If the Swamp crooks haven't been frightened up to now, they'll be TERRIFIED now.

A G Barr appoints John Durham to review origins of Russian enquiry.

NOTE : NO SPECIAL COUNSEL. Barr's going to make this a hard-core, DOJ led investigation.

By one of DOJs toughest attorneys. A hard SOB, John Durham.

Oh, man.


2. Do you know what Durham's nickname at DOJ is?


Reminder : John Durham was a key member of Rudy Giuliani's take down of the 5 Families, in particular the Genovese family.

This guy is a relentless, super aggressive crime fighter. Whoever is involved in the Trump/Russia lie is SCREWED.



3. Durham is 68 years old.

He is likely part of the corruption-busting crew that Trump has worked with as a CI & patriot: Barr, Mueller, Rosenstein, Trewilliger, Boente etc.

His experience is here. Check it out - the guy is a total gun. Experience is in 'complex organized crime, violent crime, public corruption and financial fraud matters.'

With a special expertise in? FBI corruption.

2019/20 gonna be LIT, folks.

The end.


@REX Trump went and got the "A" Team. The #1 group of guys in America who specialize in taking down large, corrupt organizations: The Mafia Commission.


Exactly. The "Outside the Beltway" guys who have ZERO "effs" left to give about what anybody thinks of them.
They're stepping forward for ONE REASON:

Professional SWAMP DRAINING.


@akelm88 @REX
It’s like a funcking reunion. The righteous are rejoicing!!

@akelm88 @REX - Imagine the books and movies that will be made about all of this 10-20 years, like Elliot Ness and his gang.


Trish Regan is just now reporting this without anything about who.

You're way ahead of it my friend. Way ahead.


This is really good news. It's all coming together.

Praise God.


I did a short thread on Durham in April 9 when It came out that Baker was under investigation by Durham. Impressive guy.


@Angela @REX
Great catch, Angela.

You are certainly worth following.

@REX Same impeccable resume with the DOJ Northern District of IL. He came BACK to DOJ from private sector to clean house in Chicago. Jeff Sessions Hand picked ENFORCER. justice.gov/usao-ndil/meet-us-

@REX I TOOTEd about him last month just noodling around, inspired by YOUR writings!


Hey! Link it.. I can’t find it on your page. I would love to read it!


Thanks! I thought you meant Durham!

I read this earlier. Excellent info! 🇺🇸


Holy smokes...they really did “get the band back together”. ROTFL

This is going to be more “lit” than Kings Landing under a dragon siege with a crazed Targaryen in the saddle.

Prediction? Pain and sentencing...

@XL2_5N @REX

It's still difficult to look at those two evil faces. I had to turn the TV off every time one of them was on.

@HunDriverWidow @REX

Agreed, I can’t listen to Obama speak... unless his TelePrompter goes down. Then you get the real knucklehead and it’s quite a treat to hear DEAR LEADER stammer and try to make a valid cohesive point.

You take Trump off teleprompter and you still get the same speech, hell, he may not even use one for all I know.

@XL2_5N @HunDriverWidow @REX
Not to mention the ridiculous number of times he says, "I" or "me". If we had drinking game going taking a sip every time he said that, we'd all be trashed. 😜

@redwhitebluedude @HunDriverWidow @REX

Spot on.

Wasn't there something like 250+ in one of his recent spewing?

@XL2_5N @HunDriverWidow @REX

The first time I ever heard that joke I nearly wet myself laughing so hard.

One of the funniest ever!


And there it is - full house and it's only 10am!
Uncle Bill, You, Thomas, Saul and Brian.
The boiling frog analogy fits well and the temperature is rising!

@REX This is brilliant. Isn't this the very same guy that Obama hired to look into Bush? Smart move by also choosing someone who the left believed had clout. It makes for a better argument and affords him credibility right away with John Q. Public.

@REX Given Durham's connection years ago to the Whitey Bulger case, does this appointment answer any questions, or raise any new ones, regarding Bulger's murder in prison?

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