NEW: :'Hillary R Clinton - America's Last President'

A fascinating (if scary) qs - knowing what we know now about her and Obama, what would America be like, if Clinton had won?

Just my opinion, but America would have entered a very dark period.

I doubt the Republic would have survived.

The behavior of the Democrats today reveal a lot about what a Clinton Presidency would have been like, in the future.

Anyway, what do you think? Feel free to share far and wide!


I completely agree. The military would have been slashed, wide open borders and middle-eastern "refugees," single-payer government-run health care, and on and on...

@REX such an excellent article Rex. I was so very very scared she would win .... not for me, but for my children and the future of those behind me in age and what we all have loved dearly about America. God bless us all 🇺🇸

@Cheryl4Trump @REX

We knew —but to see it laid out like this -IN WRITING -really hits home.

Can’t stop thinking about it.


I totally agree. And you’re correct, the article was terrifying.
It truly is good vs. evil at this point.


every word rings true. a wakeup bell tolling for america's near miss. bravo.

@REX Fascinating and terrifying- I’m rather shocked at how easy it seems to be to bypass or corrupt the checks and balances. Do you think the 2008 financial crisis helped Obama in a similar way as the Great Depression helped the Nazis?


I have been studying Hillary Clinton for years and your analysis of what this country would have become with her as POTUS is completely accurate. I truly didn’t think anything or anyone could stop her until Donald Trump. As I have said many times, NONE of the other GOP candidates (such as they were) had a chance of beating her. Our country should be forever indebted to him for choosing to fight for us against her and her evil cohorts. TRUMP 2020!

@SandyisGettingSteamed @REX

I agree, the result of another Clinton presidency would have been unthinkable.

IMO Trump enabled the peaceful transfer of power from the deep state to The People.

The only logical alternative to that would have been a second revolution. I have no doubt that would have happened, and The People would have won again.

Trump saves lives, whatever way you look at it.

Great article. I believe your description is very accurate.

Framing her enemies to get them out of her way is not a new thing for Hillary. I remember Billy Dale and Travelgate in the 90’s. She framed him, had him fired, and brought up on charges. All over a lie so she could give her friends the travel $$ business. He was eventually found innocent and exonerated but not before he spent $500K in legal fees. I know one of his daughters. What Hillary did to that family is disgusting.

@Momma_Voke @REX

I will always remember the Clintons for:

>The Arkancides but also having the family pets of sexual assault complainants killed.

>The bad blood scandal in AR prisons, where thousands of Canadians and others were infected with HIV before screening & treatments were developed.

>The anti-HIV drugs sent to Africa for children to use, that weren't effective at all.

Thank God for Donald J. Trump.

@REX Very well done piece! Seems in line with what I figured would happen if she won and thank God she didn't! There is not only hope now but optimism though I firmly believe it's going to get VERY ugly before we come out the other side.

@Motorhead77 @REX
Agree 100% with Tim - very well done & extremely scary. We dodged that bullet, but many more are still out there hunting for targets.

@REX What a great article. There is so much we've heard and forgotten over the years about Obama and Clinton. Thank you for the reminder.

@REX I would of been killed or in a re-education camp...unmasked in 2015

@REX Great article. Also very scary. We live in a tremendous time right now. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next 6 years.

Very good and -- I believe -- accurate article, Rex. Shared on several sites.
Thank you.

@REX fantastic article. I shared on twit and via text with some friends. Good Lord it is frightening to think of what it would have been like if HRC had won.


Rex awesome well written article, thank you. I appreciate your opinion pieces, let sanity grow and rein on. Thank God for POTUS Trump... 💗 🇺🇸

@REX Reading REX's article promptly reminded me about a diplomatic "incident" of Obama getting caught spying brazilian former leftist president Dilma Roussef. He doesn't even spare his own political comrades

@REX Wow, reading your article made my blood run cold. spot on IMO👏


Thought provoking; like all your articles. Thank you for putting in the time and effort, much appreciated. Have circulated link to others.


I hope in the future, you’re able to put a Documentary together, there are a few here at quodverum I can think of to assist.

One of the quotes you referenced in your write up sticks too me:
'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’

We certainly, “Dogged a Bullet.”
This country MUST give President Trump another term.

Sometimes it is not prudent to look Evil in the eye.

@REX I agree with you, REX. This is why praying people who recognized this possibility were praying for someone to save America.

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