1. Happy Birthday, Melania Trump.

What a magnificent First Lady she is. And not just that.

Melania is probably the most powerful woman in America. Which means the world. Why?

POTUS Donald J Trump doesn't just love her. He RESPECTS her, immensely.

I've no doubt that Trump turns to Melania for advice on EVERYTHING.

Many are distracted by Melanie's stunning beauty. They forget - Melania is easily the most intelligent FLOTUS in recent history.

Perhaps EVER.

2. Let's check off the list, shall we?

- poor background
- immigrant from communism
- top student
- successful business woman
- top international model
- speaks SIX languages fluently (English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian)
- amazing mother

Melania IS the living embodiment of a successful, independent woman. She towers above everyone else, esp those who are jealous of her. She is PURE CLASS.

Not just that, though.

3. I believe Melania saved Trump.

IMO he wasn't a happy man when they met in 1998. Business success had come, sure, but Trump was frustrated.

His beloved America was being led by fools, who were selling it down the river.

His personal life was a mess. This was a frustrated man, verging on depression. He filled his inner emptiness with sex and excess. Luckily, his inner discipline meant that he never touched booze or drugs.

His long friendship, relationship & marriage with Melania saved him.

4. They met in 1998 and married in 2005.

Trump DID sleep around. Perhaps she did, also. That billionaire scene is totally bizarre.

It's my view that all that ended with Barron's birth. YES - it was wrong of Trump to have a one night stand with Stormy Daniels in 2006 (THIRTEEN years ago), apparently just before Barton's birth.

One that Trump regrets, deeply (in my view, the last he had, too).

As the good book says, 'let him who is without sin cast the first stone.'

We are all flawed.

5. It amazes me that far more flawed individuals than Trump are given free passes by FakeNews, yet they somehow regard Trump as the devil incarnate.

Hell, there were Presidents who were FAR worse in office, than Trump ever was 13 years ago. Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton are three stand outs.

But I digress.

FLOTUS Melania Trump's story is yet to be written. When it is, the world will be astonished at her power and influence, during 2016-2024.

And thankful, as well.


6. A brave woman, you saw off rabid haters - the worst we have ever seen -with true elegance, class and intelligence.

I hope your husband gets down on his knees and prays to God daily, thanking Him for you.

A great woman in your own right, you have helped DJT become a truly great man.

Who is now laser-focussed on .

I hope the future is full of joy for you & your family.

Of all people, you DESERVE it.

The end.

@REX Pfft. I hear she has to have a college degree to be intelligent! 🙄

Lefties actually say this. As if being able to speak what 5 or 6 languages doesn't scream intelligence.

But I do love our FLOTUS. Beautiful, intelligent, and steadfast!


Yet most of them cannot speak or write fluently, just sound bites.


@REX I have often thought they have a unique relationship. She NEVER appears even ruffled by these past incidents. I think they truly love each other in their own ways and I think they have total mutual respect for each other. I don’t know if he would be President without her.

@WiseNana @REX I believe European women have a different view on these things than we do in America. I don't know how it is for younger people, but a lot of older European women don't care about affairs.

@REX What's even more amazing is that Melania Trump maintains an amazing, loving and respectful relationship with Trump's kids from his earlier marriages. They live and celebrate their lives together. Had their been any animosity or awkwardness among them it would have been very apparent but this picture proves my point.


I completely agree with you. I believe President Trump is a changed man as a result of Melania’s influence. When they are together you can tell they enjoy each other’s company. And he hangs on her every word. She is not only beautiful but wise as well.

@REX PDJT definitely has a reverence for Melania. I see it constantly. And it goes far beyond her physical beauty.

@REX @Momma_Voke

I agree with you. And I also believe both President Trump and Melania benefit from the spiritual work of the Presidential Prayer Team who pray for them daily. As do many others, including myself.

@REX IMO God has been preparing DJT for this all of his life , unbeknownst to even him , I believe he came to the realization of his true purpose in life about 1980 , and put his focus on it . rarely is a man lucky enough to learn his true purpose , and it gives him the confidence bravery to face any obstacle

@REX I agree, there is more to Melania than beauty. She does come across as a very intelligent woman. From what I've gotten from following you @ThomasWic @Debradelai @drawandstrike about Trump, she undoubtedly is one of the most intelligent FLOTUS ever.

1) I totally agree..Libtard women hate her out of jealousy,their libtard men hate her because they cant have her and are stuck with the shrews they are so 'blessed' with.I have never been so proud of a FLOTUS as I am of Melania. I also just love when I see her involved with the children.Her kindness,compassion,and love of children just about make me tear up

@REX I've never believed for a second Trump actually had a one night stand with Stormy Daniels.

Karen McDougal, yeah.

@drawandstrike stormy Daniel's is a proven liar she was even unable to keep her lies straight. She claimed they had a affair then just sex then well not even sex. A attention whore .

@drawandstrike Trump said he didn't. That's good enough for me.

@drawandstrike @REX

I dunno, he's admitted that he paid her and then made her watch on Discovery channel.

I don't believe Trump slept with Daniel's either. If he said he didn't then I believe him. He's admitted to previous affairs so no reason to lie.

Has he denied or admitted to Karen? If he's denied then I don't think he did. Not sure if he denied or not with her.

@drawandstrike @REX
As was mentioned before, the billionaire scene's bizarre. Stormy Daniels would have been a simple problem to literally crush out: Trump took it in stride and she was left with herself. He does know his own strength and even lets the botflies go.

@drawandstrike @REX

I would not be surprised if Stormy turns out to be one of the Judas goats.


I think Jesus meant exactly that when He spoke on behalf of the accused adulteress.

And being the only one capable of throwing a stone, His words were more significant than many understand.

@REX - I think he even said this. He felt he was out of control and needed to refocus.

@REX - My entire extended fam was from Yugoslavia. Do not agree about her background being poor. They lived well over there until the 1980's. Especially in Slovenia, which was the most prosperous republic. Melania's family was doing okay; Her dad was in the party and had a good job. Not billionaire okay, but comfortable.

@REX I completely agree. Ask any Rhodes scholar how many languages they speak fluently and she will beat them 9 times out of 10! My dad speaks 5 languages by the way and he is the smartest man I know!

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