1. Get to know this name : Vlodymyr Zelensky, just elected as Ukraine's new President.

A total outsider from the entertainment industry, voted in on a wave of populist support.

The FakeNews snobs are all referring to him as the Ukrainian Trump - a 'comedian' with 'no experience' and 'no policies.' Heard that before?

Here's an interesting article about him.

2. One of Zelensky's core promises is to root out corruption, including removal of immunity from the president of the country, members of the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) and judges, a law about impeachment, reform of election laws, and providing efficient trial by jury.

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt and dangerous nations on the planet. His challenge is IMMENSE.

3. Yanukovych, the Kremlin-backed Ukrainian President between Feb 2010- Feb 2014 ran a crime syndicate.

Ukrainian prosecutors estimate that he stole between $40- $100 BILLION from the nation.

You did read that right.

That's BILLION with a 'B'.

4. Poroshenko, the Obama/Clinton backed President, was more discreet with his corruption.

It's likely to be just as bad, however. The guy is a first class crook.

5. Remember, Greg Craig, Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta were ALL lobbying for and protecting Yanukovych.

They're all facing their demise now (Manafort in jail, Craig about to be taken out & Podesta is under SDNY investigation.)

6. Ever wondered why Joe Biden hasn't thrown his hat into the Presidential 2020 ring?

And why John Kerry is lurching around the globe like a frenzied ferret?

Because they're both soon to be buried in scandal, along with their sons. For example, the Biden's cut a dodgy deal in Ukraine with Yanukovych, just before he was removed by coup.

Joe Biden then THREATENED Poroshenko, the new President, to keep the corrupt deal on the hush-hush.

7. Under Obama, Ukraine became a toy for corrupt American politicians.

They cut deals with Yanukovych and engineered the Maidan coup, to continue cutting deals with Poroshenko. Arms deals, money laundering, bribery, you name it, Dems were in it up to their eyeballs.

For example - Adam Schiff:

8. Of course, the Clintons are heavily implicated in crime in Ukraine. However, they have been much cleverer over the years, than Kerry, Biden, Schiff etc.

Rather than aligning themselves with politicians, they attached themselves to the REAL power-brokers : oligarchs.

Russia - Deripaska, Vekselberg etc.

Ukraine : Viktor Pinchuk.

9. Zelensky's election will TERRIFY the Democrats.

And worry very dangerous enemies.

Putin is against him. Corrupt oligarchs are against him. ANY powerful Ukrainian administration official involved in crime will be against him.

Extremely brutal people. Sadly, Zelensky may not survive.

BUT if he can get through the next few months, there's a solid chance Zelensky will expose the crimes of his predecessors - AND their international 'business partners'.

The good news?

10. Zelensky has a VERY powerful new friend:

'(POTUS Trump) committed the US to work with Zelensky and the ​”​Ukrainian people to implement reforms that strengthen democracy, increase prosperity, and root out corruption.​''

11. Both Trump & Zelensky are deal-makers.

Zelensky wants the Ukraine to join the EU, but may change his mind once he realizes how corrupt the EU truly is, not to mention how dependent the EU is on Putin's energy.

The EU is in steep decline.

12. IMO, Trump will sense this and offer the younger Zelensky a better option : stay independent and cut a deal with the US.

Trump has excellent leverage - he can offer Ukraine a FTA, military protection against Russia, access to the US economy, US energy, as well as FBI/DOJ/CIA co-operation/Intel sharing.

Poland provides a good template for Zelensky:

13. If he's smart, Zelensky will accept a Trump offer.

Ukrainian independence & US protection from Russia AND the EU.

It's also the best shot for his people, who've suffered terribly b/c of the crimes of the scumbags above (excepting Zelensky and Trump). What's happened there is a tragedy.

16. ADDENDUM #2 : here's another very interesting article on Ukraine/Biden.: Burisma, Poroshenko, Yanukovych.

Eye-watering corruption.

H/T @ASovereign


Very interesting, sounds like Trump! I wish him the best!

@REX Very tricky to go after the corruption with the country being the way it is. Hopefully he will succeed.

@JeffZ3977 @ASovereign @ThomasWic

Anyone wanting to take him out needs to be aware that the world in 2019, is a very different place, to that at the end of 2016.

Back then, there was little to deter them. Now? Not so easy.

If they try to assassinate him, they may well succeed, but the price they pay will be enormous.

I think he will be OK.


It was just reported about an hour ago, that Biden is pushing back his announcement from Wed to another time...🤔 this just might explain it!


MIT scientists estimate the probability of this being correct @ 99.99999998 %

They gave the possibility Biden wants a few days to get as much inappropriate touching kids out of his system before announcing.

@REX I have wondered on more than one occasion if the Clintons taught the others how to grift with faulty instructions just so that they, the Clintons, would always be the last crooks standing.


You have to add that both Trump and Zelensky started their (stealthy) campaigns back in 2014.

Trump went public in 2015, as well as Zelensky, who produced very popular Ukrainian TV show which (in retrospect) looks like super-long-running campaign ad. He played a role of a school teacher who suddenly became a President.

@REX @ASovereign
No doubt all this ties are being investigated despite the distraction of the prosecutor in Ukraine claiming that he is being left out in the cold.

Don't know much about Zelensky but as you stated it is to his best interest to align with Trump. He is a very vulnerable figure when he is inaugurated. He could very well surprise us in how he handle things, that is a possibility.

@ASovereign @REX Zelensky is an unknown quality like Trump when he was inaugurated. I hope Zelensky surprises us and clamps down on the corruption effectively.

@REX @ASovereign

By all accounts, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

@ThomasWic yes, it is. Which is why the usual snouts were deep in the Ukrainian trough in the run-up to the 2014 Western-backed coup there. I believe the intent was to spin Ukrainian bribe money out of Russia's orbit, into the US & European orbit.

Pinchuk saw this opportunity to be the "man in the middle," so he threw money at the usual cast of characters: Clintons, Petraeus, Blair, etc. He had the Clintons dancing like monkeys on a crank music box for him. Amazing.

@REX My initial concern about Zelensky was based solely on the need for the Ukraine to maintain it's strong stand against Russia but, based on what you've said above, I am feeling much better about it now.

Putin hates him? Then I love him.

Godspeed, Poland 2.0

@REX Like Trump, Zelensky has background in showbiz, perhaps that will serve him well.

I wish the best for him and Ukraine. They definitely deserve better than where they are at now. I am not too concerned about Ukraine.

@REX I would be happy to see a less-corrupt, stable & functioning Ukraine. One man, the new President elect, will not be able to change the inherently-corrupt system that Ukraine functions on.

Further, why a FTA with Ukraine? At what cost to the US? Ukraine doesn't produce anything the US needs. Instead, it produces metals, steel, chemicals, etc. that would just compete and depress the price of US companies in the same space. Their natural market is Russia & the FSU. That's the reality.


Until now, Ukraine never made sense to me. Sometimes it felt as if they spun a globe and chose a country at random, as it never seemed like the most economically- or geopolitically-important country on the planet.

But if they were milking it for financial gain, then it suddenly begins to make sense.

But that raises yet another question: Why Ukraine in the first place, rather than any number of different nations?

@REX the Dems are throwing the "Trump" moniker at Zelensky like it's a pejorative. Ha! They gotta be sweating bullets tonight.

@REX See, it's "different" when Democrats are involved.

Rep. Adam Schiff: Democrats Meeting Ukrainians "Different Degree Of Involvement" Than Trump-Russia!

@REX I think Biden jumped in partly with the idea that once he declared,he’d be untouchable.

@REX - Remember, WE were behind the Orange Revolution so I wouldn't doubt it if those numbers are exaggerated. The whole country isn't worth $100 Billion!

@REX thanks for this excellent thread on Ukraine. Yes, Yanukovych is now officially a "bad guy", but he was just fine when the usual Western hogs went to Ukraine to feed at the oligarch trough.

If you haven't already, this FORBES article on Clinton benefactor Viktor Pinchuk is enlightening, as well as shocking. He basically figured out how to purchase credibility with Western influence makers. Yet somehow, he is deemed a "good" oligarch.

@REX that type of money could buy a top tier assassin. I hope Zelenskiy is well protected.

@REX @RonOgletree

"...One of Zelensky's core promises is to root out corruption..."

Sounds like he needs a food taster and body armor 24/7! Hopefully, he doesn't know Zero, Hillary and BJ, or Plugs.

@REX May he maitain his leadership and escape Putin's goons.

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