1. The Dems are in for a HUGE shock when the Mueller Report is revealed, IMO.

Mueller found zero collusion between ANY US citizen and Russians, remember. His report is apparently very extensive, some 400 pages long. If so, Mueller has included significant detail about what he DID find.

In that light, just consider just one of the 2,800 subpoenas Mueller issued. This was revealed on March 5, 2018:


2. Quote:

'Mueller is subpoenaing all communications — meaning emails, texts, handwritten notes, etc. — that this witness sent and received regarding the following people:

Carter Page
Corey Lewandowski
Donald J. Trump
Hope Hicks
Keith Schiller
Michael Cohen
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
Roger Stone
Steve Bannon

The subpoena asks for all communications from November 1, 2015, to the present...Trump announced his campaign for president five months earlier — on June 16, 2015.'

Well, well, well.

3. REMEMBER : the original and 1st FISA renewal (signed by Yates, Jan 12, 2017) had dual purposes: #1 to enable surveillance of Trump, but also #2 - for the crooks to cover their asses, for their illegal spying going back to 2015.

Title I FISA warrants allow for 2-hop surveillance and are also RETROACTIVE.

4. It's the most extreme and intrusive warrant available in the United States.

Now Rosenstein signed the Page FISA on or around June 29, 2017. Dana Boente had signed the second renewal on or around April 7, 2017.

We are now almost certain that BOTH Boente and Rosenstein have been acting AGAINST the Obama/Clinton/McCabe sedition, from Day 1.

Why would they want to keep the FISA alive?

5. We know that the intention of the BAD actors was to spy on Page and anyone in his '2 hops', including Trump.

BUT what many are missing is that it ALSO allows GOOD actors, to surveil anyone involved in the Obama/Clinton scheme, who was ALSO in Page's '2 hop' contacts. Or in contact with any of them.

Example: Stefan Halper. Or anyone contacting George Papadopoulos. Or anyone contacting the guy PapaD alleges was a plant.

Or anyone contacting Paul Manafort (who I think was also a plant).

6. Or any FakeNews media players Page has been in contact with.

The power continues as long as the Page FISA stays alive.

Remember when Carter Page emailed Ali Watkins and cc'd the SSIC leaker, Wolfe, to complain about Watkins story on him?

BOOM : 2 HOP RULE - GOOD actors were able to hoover up ALL comms between Watkins and her contacts, as well as Wolfe and his contacts.


7. IMO, the amount of incriminating evidence that Rosenstein, Sessions & Mueller have been able to collect using the Page FISA, is ASTONISHING.

They've also been able to surveil ALL the bad guys, since the inauguration.

Mueller wasn't subpoenaing Team Trump to bring down OrangeManBad, as the FakeNews assumed.

8. IMO he was probably cross-checking what they produced, with what had been illegally unmasked by Obama's goons, under the Page FISA.

As well as investigating what the crooks leaked to FakeNews.

The Dems should be FREAKING OUT.

In fact, they should be terrified.


9. There's NOTHING good for the Dems in the Mueller Report. If I'm right, it's going to be the equivalent of a 400 page INDICTMENT of Obama, Clinton & their goons.

It's going to be a MOAB, that the Dems never expected.

They've been LURED into demanding the release of the report. But don't be surprised if they suddenly reverse course and demand it sealed.

Too bad. Whatever choice they make, the outcome is the same:

The Report WILL come out. They're TRAPPED.


The end.

@REX wRex if I understand the Report contains Information on ongoing Grand jury's that Huber has going so one of the reason the Intelligence committee can try to dirty up evidence. Is that right .

@REX I've been wondering about the method of delivering the report. The Dems all want it to be public and that means us, the public. I think it would be great if we got to see it before or at the same time as Congress and MSM. I don't know how it could be done but I really don't want them to tell me about it with their version. I'd pay to get a copy delivered to me and be able to read it before those involved could. Imagine it coming in the mail like the voter book. Any ideas?

@REX By the way, tomorrow is April Fools Day. A gesture that isn't really a joke but might seem like one at first to them would be quite funny wouldn't it??

@Kat @REX

Read Barr’s 4 page notification, he clearly says, I am making this public at the same time he gave it to congress.

The report will be the same IMO

@REX Unless that info is acted on by the good guys, it's all for nothing.


I would be completely shocked. And this will happen MID APRIL. 💥💥💥

If you are right on this, it’s a brilliant plan.


Agree! Mid April release of the report. Release of all other reports and information that POTUS approved, unredacted. Then May or so IG Horowitz report. Boom, boom, ba-oom!!!



@Galtreport just reposted the Feb IG I think we should repost everywhere.
Reading it again was delightful. 😂

@Angela @JM @REX @Galtreport Do you have Feb IG posed on your feed here? I'd love to read it.

@REX The two-hop rule would probably allow the good guys to surveil every single member of Congress: e.g. Carter Page has contact with Jeff Sesssions, who has had communication with every Senator. In this light, we see how potentially destructive the Cllinton/Obama/FBI FISA scheme was. It is a miracle it did not destroy the US Gvt. The skill of the Trump Justice team may yet avert that catastrophe.

@REX how I wish I could unroll this thread. I hope Quod eventually offers this feature!

@REX Since it's become apparent that someone was feeding Brennan false intel that he bought into hook, line and sinker...I think you're right about the Mueller report. I think it holds nothing good for them.

Of course, they will claim all the parts useful to them were redacted in the Grand Jury bits that have to be kept secret. ;)

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