I used to trust this site. In fact, it was amazing how accurate how their ratings, matched my experience of the movie.

Everything changed about 2 years ago, when I noticed audience and critic ratings starting to diverge.

Now they CENSOR and LIE.

These idiots let the SJW progs in. And they WILL screw the company. It's happening all over the place. These people are a DISASTER and destroy everything they touch.


This is pure FRAUD by Rotten Tomatoes.

And very revealing of how these radical ideologues operate. They don't care about truth, or success, or being accurate.

All they care about is FEELING superior.

Rotten Tomatoes won't exist in 18 months. It's on a hellride to oblivion. Guaranteed.

>> Looks like I won't be checking any of their movie reviews anymore.

>> I only pay attention to audience reviews, not the "professional" commentators.


I have never trusted reviews, ever. I like to watch and decide for myself.

@REX Check out Dissenter. Gab may be a dumpster fire, but they've come up with a way to comment on everything, even those with no comments allowed. Even leftists are starting to use the commenting system. One of those "why didn't I think of it" things. If they were to separate Dissenter out into its own system instead of requiring people to have a Gab account, then it would really take off.

@lolajl Is ''Dissenter' a seperate site? Gab did not strike me as, um, enticing.

@rigger Yes, own domain. Basically, they've created a browser exension that creates a popup window over the link you're commenting on, whether it be an article, a CNN news where comments have been turned off, etc. Here's two screenshots of how it looks like. Vox doesn't allow comments at all. But there are 37 comments. The problem is that now any account you create on Dissenter also creates a Gab account. Hence the need for login to be separate so user doesn't need a Gab account.

@rigger Washington Post tried to foil Dissenter by sticking in a string of random characters into the URL so people would only be commenting to themselves. But the developer fixed that immediately.

I'm a tech geek and was in web development for years and even tried creating a social media site which didn't work out (not currently doing web dev though), so I follow what's happening with regards to social media very closely.

@lolajl Yeah if Gab is cool with David Duke I'm going to give them a miss. Great idea of independent commenting though.

@REX I might watch it when it is available for free on prime. I have no desire to watch it otherwise.

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