All of the NY developers are watching this.
This Affirmative Action DA and Buffoon Judge are Fools.
Remember, it only takes one Fool to sink a ship.
Here you have two.



I like his suggestion--to get hostages back, don't trade Hamas terrorists by releasing them from prison, instead execute the prisoners. Execute them all.

Also agree that Qatar is an enemy as long as they keep protecting Hamas.

His eyes show a lot of pain. Can't imagine what his early life must have been like and how painful it must have been to realize his own father was pure evil. Takes strength of character to do what he is doing.

Yet another round of "I'm leaving Twitter for good this time, I mean it!"

Also, Peter Zeihan has repeated the "open-air prison" lie regarding Gaza, so I'm not trusting him or taking him seriously anymore.


On 30 May 2020,
during Beard Blather 13,
while Minneapolis
was under siege
and "peaceful protests"
exploded through the land,
Saul had this to say about
the demise of George Floyd.

Time has done nothing
to change his opinion.

George Floyd died
of a massive overdose
and there was nothing
the police could have
done to prevent it.

And we now know he was right.


Howard Lovy
I’m not certain American Jewry is ready for what’s coming. This wave of antisemitism is violent, fast, and comes clothed in righteousness. We have to admit now that our days of relative comfort are over.
12:45 AM · Nov 29, 2023



All things considered, I'd like to think the Israelis are smart enough to release a few of the Hamas terrorists with these guys implanted in them for future targeting..


"Ok...all of you guys can go back to Gaza...good luck.."

24-36hrs later -

"Reports are coming in that Israel is conducting new raids and bombing missions into the Gaza strip once again.. The attacks appear to be targeted.."


Talk about a possible deal for all the hostages, including soldiers, came as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was due to visit the region in the coming days and the security cabinet held a late-night meeting in Tel Aviv.

Discussions are already underway in Qatar to extend the hostage deal beyond its Thursday expiration date based on the formula by which Hamas frees 10 Israeli hostages in Gaza for every 24 hours of quiet.

@Jaime @Debradelai

These are empty, unhappy, very homely, sexless people starving for attention, taking their self-hatred out on others.

Thomas Massie is perhaps a bigger piece of shit than nostril-flaring Tlaib, although it's close.


The bottom of the well of vermin.

I loved seeing the media go apoplectic over that word.

@Gmajv @QuillClemens @redwhitebluedude
Many moons ago I decided Nature was much more entertaining and at times Epic.

@QuillClemens @redwhitebluedude

That’s for sure, almost all is garbage! I repeat sitting through Napoleon was not enjoyable! Very little dialogue, mostly soulful stares & war scenes. TV sucks, movies suck , I’m great full I like to read!

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