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They keep saying they're going to do everything POSSIBLE to save them, until "the clock runs out."

Austin has no idea what happened to the Afghan Air Force.

Why not?

Because the Afghans were smart enough to not TELL US beforehand that they had a plan.

The air force is safe in neighboring countries.

Austin and Milley are serving as spokesmen for the Taliban, for which they should face court martial.

I'll bet Milley really regrets turning against Trump.

Too bad, so sad.

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Medal of Honor winner Staff Sergeant David B. Bleak, US Army medic, Korean War.

Six feet, five inches tall, 250 pounds.

Volunteered to accompany a platoon tasked with capturing Chinese troops for interrogation.

Rescued countless men while under fire and killed five Chinese with his bare hands, two by smashing their heads together.

He was shot and bayoneted, and he used his own body to shield a man from a grenade blast.

Came home alive.

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"Experts" say it originated in photos of the 1950s.


Here's a painting of actors from 1590.

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St Eustace, Lake Placid, NY

TS - 1913

Great little HISTORIC the heart of the Adirondacks... with a great named church...Eustace? 😂

Happy Resurrection Day! 👍


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Back to the IRS in downtown LA.

They swear that I've fixed all my problems.

I chose a closer garage. At THIS one, homeless people were camped beside the elevators.

They were all doing this:

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Here's something to take the bad taste out of your mouth.

Fearless British Solomon Islands Protectorate (BSIP) cop shows what an absolute badass he is.

Perp had a machete.

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This cover of the Beastie Boys' song is on a par with Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt.

Sabotage, man! That's what we're seeing.

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@ghostofColGlover @schermeen

In his prime, Pete Townsend has to be the most athletic guitarist ever.

I just discovered this guy yesterday.

Easily the coolest bass player of all time, in terms of his physical appearance and his incredible skill.

The volume is WAY low, so turn it up.

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@Lisa22 @MusicAndFiction @Wombat08 @drawandstrike

I recommend you drop the argument of who has it worse/handles it better when taking care of parents. It is different for everyone and no one knows what it will be like for them until they are in it. You can not judge another person's situation with your own. It does not work that way.

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Sure, but nobody has to obey it.

They won't disobey OVERTLY, but as signature expert pointed out, Jill Biden is signing the Executive Orders anyway.

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Liberals: Let's cancel Dr. Suess and Mr. Potato Head.
Conservatives: Let's cancel abortion and pedophila.

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You CAN'T ignore this.

A guy with 35 years' experience is seeing things he's never seen before.

Biden's aircraft is NEVER called Air Force One.

FOUR naval surveillance aircraft in Trump's neck of the woods.

TONS of fighters aloft at all times.

And much more.

Again, you CAN'T ignore it.

He goes all biblical apocalyptic every now and then, but I just watch him for the hard info, not the theology.

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