just saw on Twitter that Obama is thinking about stepping in...hes not happy about with the way things are going in the he gonna be the savior😧😧😧


into the election scene..front and center..valarie Jarrett put the word out..SHE is concerned😏

@masterblaster @baldilocks

I think if it comes back on the scene he opens himself up to all the crime that was committed during his administration someone's telling him that he's cool nothing's going to happen to him maybe it's one of those Judas goats Michelle she's got everybody's fooled and this transgender stuff is really being pushed so that when they reveal Michelle is really a guy it's going to be accepted with open arms

@Princessjasa I wonder if he's planning on doing a HRC and buying the DNC to fix the primaries.

Who knows about that snake but I've heard rumor through the Bernie Camp from Twitter that if he (Bernie) doesn't get the nomination they're going to vote for Trump.. besides supposedly measures were taken that will stop anybody from doing what Hillary did what's a DNC primary but then again Obama's got a lot of holdovers


Wow..and he just said the other day the first thing he will do as pres is get rid of the tax cuts😧

After leaving his party decimated I'd think they would be begging him to go away but nothing surprises me about the dems anymore

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