Virginia is about to put a ban on "assault weapons " and put in place "red flag laws".
I'm thinking this is unconstitutional. Check out how many counties have already declared themselves "sanctuary counties" for firearms.

What this really means is ...
"We saw the results of the UK elections, and how the socialists got ROASTED, and we're all scared! We need to find a way to avoid talking in public right now about our policies!!!"

Donald J Trump 2014

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Tweeted:

"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't" --General George S. Patton

Rena (@ROHLL5) Tweeted:

Our Fabulous FIRST LADY!!!! She is so elegant and beautiful!

Here is a full view of Melania’s cape dress from the Congressional Ball last night ✨

Georgia's most effective virtual congressman shares a video of one of Florida's most effective real congressmen... @mattgaetz

@RepStevenSmith: "Bingo."

The fall of Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ is a moment to celebrate | Coffee House

The ‘red wall’ has fallen. Brick by brick. Almost every bit of it. Seats held by Labour for decades have been seized by the Tories. To me, this is the most exciting thing in this extraordinary…

Richard Fernandez @PJ Media
The decisive defeat of the British Labour party strongly suggests that a fundamental shift in the politics of the world has taken place — that the non-ideological wave of unrest sweeping the world really has deeper roots than Donald Trump or Fox News. Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the founders of Fusion GPS, tried to blame the fall of Labour on Putin.

Only way to keep Big Brother from tracking your every move is to leave the cell phone at home and AVOID "traffic cams."

Google Gives Feds 1,500 Private Phone Locations in ‘Geofencing’ Request

If true, this is a YUGE Red Pill that she's apparently yet to swallow. Maybe she needs more time to grasp the larger implications.....

Watch: Taylor Swift Says Soros Family Funded Deal to Buy Her Music

One America News Investigates with @ChanelRion: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case.

Part 1: 9:00 am EST

Part 2: 10:00 am EST

***Part 3 DEBUT***: 11:00 am EST

More ways to cheat out of California? People are finding out their party registration may have been changed on them.

@rising_serpent: "Imran Awan update:
DOJ refuses to produce documents related to judicial watch FOIA requests citing several excuses.
The judge at the center of the case is Obama appointee Tanya Chutkan, who donated to his campaign. Obama also appointed her husband."

"Most traveling to the U.S. to seek asylum will wait in Mexico while their asylum case is processed. Others will be transferred from the U.S. to a different country, or will remain in U.S. Government custody while their case is processed. They will not be released into the U.S."

"Following a ten-day trial, Imran Alrai, a former United Way Vice President, was convicted today of participating in a fraud & money laundering scheme involving approximately $7 million. United Way lost at least $3.1 million as a result of Alrai's crimes."

I reposted this pic and comment on twitter to let ppl know that R's arent listed on their mail in ballot, and they had to take care of it to vote by Feb 17..wouldnt ya know, someone had to argue with me? here's the pic
If you receive this type of notice in the mail that your voter reg was changed to no party preference (done by the State DMV computer) and you want to register as a Republican you MUST go online to register.

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