@LegInsurrection: "British Media Outlets Wake Up, Begin Distancing Themselves From UK Black Lives Matter Organization"


Why is the So Left Insane?

That Anti-July Fourth @WashingtonPost Piece Exposes What They’re Being Taught in Colleges


Because he said it on Parler, nobody will see it until it's on Twitter or somewhere else that's beyond the Parler login wall.

@stillgray: "Save this video. Share it. [video from @OscarBerrara on Parler]"


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“President Trump promised to put America First & get rid of Biden’s job-killing NAFTA. He kept his promise.”


A family begs for an empty bed.

A doctor shows a chair in the parking lot.

"You see those chairs? We've placed oxygen tanks there for those who stay. Many go back home to come the next morning," the doctor says.

A night at Tehran's Masih Daneshvari Hospital...

@drawandstrike: "Don’t be surprised if BLM is either declared an international terrorist organization this week or we find out it was already designated as such due to it’s founder’s ties to Iran, Venezuela and China."


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Rally in Palm Desert pushes for recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom Sunday night


About 20 Coachella Valley citizens gathered in Palm Desert to rally for signatures to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The statewide petition started circulating Jun 10, according to the petition website. The site asks for local individuals to lead signature collection drives. The petition is being led by an organization called “RecallGavin2020.”

Do what you can! Spend your money at those businesses that love and appreciate the USA instead of those attempting to tear it down.


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making a Herbst maneuver which allows an aircraft to quickly reverse direction using a combination of high angle-of-attack and rolling.

Video by (Markfinger) on IG.
Other videos here:


"Women's reproductive rights"

I also find it ridiculous to reduce human biology to "rights".

Heshmat Alavi thread:



This tweet by Amb. Richard Grenell caught my attention.

Doing some research on @QasimRashid
, I have concluded that Amb. Grenell is absolutely right.

And America should know that Rashid is an apologist.

Let me explain.

Well worth watching. . . it exposes one of the greatest lies of all American history, the one in which the Democrats convinced the Black population that the Democrat Party was on their side from the creation of the US. Bob Parks, a black commentator lays it all out and shows how HUGE and reprehensible that lie is, and how they’ve remarketed it 2020.


Ryan Fournier
Jul 4
When they kneel during the National Anthem, stop the music and say since we are kneeling let us pray.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Killed When Nonlethal Force Returned with Gunfire


This Joker looking prick, David Anthony Ware, shot and killed Tulsa Police Craig Johnson at a traffic stop during a traffic stop on Monday morning. Johnson's partner, Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, remains in critical condition. ktul.com/news/local/tul

's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) sets up shop in to prop the Maduro regime.

All the while, regime officials say two thirds of the Iranian population lives in poverty.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.