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Oh, so that's how it works...

@matthewstoller: "First Putin installed @TomPerez as DNC Chair. Then he hired ACRONYM to build an app for the Iowa caucuses ominously named Shadow. Then he got Bloomberg to spend $400 million on ads. Then he made sure Democrats had no agenda..."


(H/T @seanmdav RT )

They changed the rules for mini Mike an hour ago, so he could enter the debates. Theses are the same rules used to whittle down the Blacks and Hispanics running for President. Do my leftest friends not realize this? Some of theM have to sniff this out, right?

Oy gevalt!

@anthonyLfisher: "If Mel Brooks directed this week's episode of the Democratic primary, he'd use this hed as a title"

(H/T @exjon RT )

Stop me if you've heard this one: Bernie is not a socialist. 😅😅😅


I say we let a mullah discuss homosexuality with Pete and his husband on the top floor of a parking structure and see if iz'slum likes Pete as much as Pete likes iz'slum.
Be fun to see if Pete can fly or just splat.

Laura Bassett @LEBassett
There have been 40 sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits brought against Mike Bloomberg by 64 women. Why is his long history of egregious sexism getting a pass? My latest for

Bezos and his cronies are morons. INB4 RT is fake news.

Amazon wants to ‘depose’ Trump over losing $10 billion Pentagon contract.

This is disturbing. INB4 Infowars is fake news.

Video: White Liberals Apologize For Slavery by Kissing Boots of Black Power Group Members

One of Senator Romney's impeachment votes was made by his alter ego, Pierre Delecto.
Not sure which. Stand by.

That would be epic! POTUS should, imho, make another trip over to Capital Hill tomorrow and do it himself...beyond EPIC!

Who will rip up tomorrow’s fake Articles of Impeachment one might ask.


Breaking ⚡️
Joe Manchin remains “undecided” on whether or not to acquit or convict President Trump‼️
Will West Virginia continue to send this man to the Senate?

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