California bid to create legal drug injection sites advances...

"California moved a step closer Wednesday to creating sites where people could legally use drugs under supervision designed to save them from dying if they overdose, over the objections of opponents who said the state would be enabling dangerous and illegal activity."


So I’m going to play Devils Advocate on this one - under the caveat that all drug use is then mandated to be done in these drug dens & off the street, then I’m kinda down with it.

I abhor drugs & what they do to people but if it means they can be off the streets and not hurting others/themselves, perhaps this is a Darwinistic solution..

Until we cease drug flow and jail the dealers, this may be a mitigating solution that keeps the rest of the populace safe..

Assuming it works…

@BirdDog @PoserIndex Why wait?, just kill them now (that is what the left proposes at Davos}, . Their destiny is forsworn by the state. “Are there no workhouses?”…Ebenezer Scrooge

@BirdDog @PoserIndex

"Assuming it works..."

It won't. I hate to be pessimistic, but it won't. It's not about the legality of it, or not having a safe place or anything like that... Junkies rarely care about those things.

My brother was with so-called friends when he OD. Being around people does nothing but keep it out of the public eye and these poor unfortunate souls are forgotten about by a society that doesn't want to think about them anyway.


I knew that was a touchy subject for you, so apologies if it touched a nerve.

You're right, tho - in all likelihood it wont work at all; similarly to all the promises of how legalizing Marijuana would curb usage and crime here in Cali when in reality it just made things worse..

My thinking was more along the lines of doing something to clean up the streets when actually fixing the problem wasn't an option - and yes it's sweeping it under the rug, per se..

Not pretty..


@BirdDog @PoserIndex

No, it's all good. I learned long ago that there is no reason to get upset when no one is trying to intentionally be mean. 🙂

I understand your thought process too. If I could believe it would be better, I would be totally for it. I'm just pessimistic and feel this is more of the same of the "safe injection" bullshit that Dems have been doing for years. And as you said, making pot legal changing anything.

I miss POTUS Trump. He was getting a handle on things.


"I'm just pessimistic and feel this is more of the same of the 'safe injection' bullshit that Dems have been doing for years."

When it comes to the problem of Drugs, there doesn't appear to be any easy nor quick solutions at all. Just pain all around.

I think the hardest thing for many of us is to try & recognize the pain/pessimism...& to then try to find a way to overcome them when seeking solutions.

As bleak as things are, there's always hope..



@BirdDog @PoserIndex

I think all we can ever do is be there for loved ones who are struggling.

I also wish we did more to help with rehabs. As much as Salvation Army pissed me off, they had a wonderful track record with rehab. If more took their approach, I think we'd have a lot more recovering addicts than death and substance abuse.

@BirdDog @umad80 @PoserIndex

Unfortunately, isolating drug use to specific areas doesn’t discourage new users from joining the ranks. In fact it probably makes access even easier.

@PoserIndex —Michael Shellenberger filmed a video not long ago in the Bay Area on the failure of the local government to address the homeless issue.

Like he said, this will only exacerbate it. There are no winners here.

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