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I thought about that, but then I saw this:

It seems that it's the "E" ring, which is produced by the icy volcanism of Saturn's moon Enceladus (Cassini image below).

Wagner’s Prigozhin says infighting in Kremlin opened ‘Pandora’s Box’ of rifts...

" Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Saturday that Kremlin factions were destroying the state by trying to sow discord between him and Chechen fighters.

That row had now been settled but infighting in the Kremlin had opened a Pandora’s Box of rifts, he said.

“Dangerous games have become commonplace in the Kremlin towers... they are simply destroying the Russian state.” "

At New Chicago Walgreens, You Can Only Browse 2 Aisles — The Rest Of The Store Is Locked Away...

" Customers must first walk through detectors before they can shop the two open aisles. "

YOUTUBE: An update on our approach to US election misinformation...

"... with 2024 campaigns well underway, we will stop removing content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in the 2020 and other past US Presidential elections. This goes into effect today, Friday, June 2."

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Cut him some slack.
You'd have to be smoking Crack to work in Chicago.

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Perhaps the sources and methods of our most secretive intelligence agencies included deep cover operations spearheaded by the Biden family?

And the LLCs were actually a legitimate fundraising operation Ok'd by the Kennedy family who've been running the country as a corporation for decades under JFK executive order number 66?

All part of an effort to return the country to it's original Christian Nationalist roots?


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Chicago officer busted with crack cocaine in squad car...

" A CPD officer approached Andrews and "detected a strong odor of alcohol," "along with a slurred speech." Andrews said he "had a few drinks," records say.

The CPD also observed a "clear plastic baggie containing a white residue" on the computer in the squad car, records say. Officers also found "additional clear plastic baggie containing a rock-like substance" suspected to be crack cocaine, records say. "

Mexican police uncover 45 bags of human body parts...

" Forty-five bags containing human remains with characteristics matching seven missing call center staff has been discovered in a ravine in a suburb of Guadalajara, according to the state prosecutor’s office in Jalisco. "

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Oh yeah, I'm sure this was the plan all along.

Major League Baseball switched their profile picture to a rainbow LGBT Pride logo on the first day of the secular high holy month of Pride on June 1st. Because we're still a religious people, after all.

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Allstate Insurance quietly stopped selling new homeowner and business insurance in the State of California last year, a new report confirms, suggesting the decision of State Farm to do so this week was not an isolated one.

Musk in China...

" In March, China’s leader installed a new premier, Li Qiang, to take the lead in changing that narrative. And what better way than Musk visiting China and reaffirming his commitment to producing more Teslas in mainland factories?

Of course, Li and Ma go way back. It was Li, back in his days as Shanghai party boss, who lobbied Musk to open a Tesla “gigafactory” in the city. The facility, which opened in April 2022, was Tesla’s first outside the US. "

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'You're keeping our life savings hostage!' Apple customers struggle to access their cash - one month after the tech giant launched its competitive savings account with Goldman Sachs...

" Apple's savings account attracted $1billion worth of deposits in four days.

But customers are now complaining they cannot access their funds.

Goldman Sachs said the issue affected a 'limited' number of customers. "

Senate approves House-passed debt limit bill, sending it to Biden's desk...

" After hours of discussion and debate, lawmakers considered and voted down 11 amendments to the bill — 10 from Republicans and one from a Democrat — before finally passing the bill, sending the measure to President Joe Biden's desk with just days to spare ahead of Monday's default deadline. "

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