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TODAY I saw a young Latino man at the gas pump. He was very "street."

He had one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen: a cherry 1955 Ford Fairlane Sunliner convertible.

So I went over to him and told him that his car made me really happy.

You know what he did?

He thanked me profusely, shook my hand, and said I'd made HIM really happy.

So there you go.

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@paul_schmehl @drawandstrike

Great advice.

Agree or disagree with the Chans, but don't antagonize them.

They have WAY too many scalps on their belts for anyone rational to take them on.

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1. Anyone noticed that over the last 2 months, the supposed Dem Trump 'scandals' have all been finalized? Consider :

- SDNY - case closed, no further action.
- 'Security clearances' - case closed.
- Mueller - report in, no collusion, case closed.
- Jean Carroll sex allegation - a pitiful joke, case closed.
- Trump tax returns - going nowhere.
- Epstein/Trump - again a joke, DOA.
- Al Green impeachment fiasco - DOA.

The Dems have run out of ammo, haven't they. Sure looks that way.

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Ellison is also a longtime supporter of Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR

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"Trump's tweets have always been tailored to generate a gut response.The trick--and I admit it took me months longer than it should have to take this to heart--is to allow yourself a brief cooling down period, consider his target audience and their gut response...ask yourself what was the purpose of Trump's tweet, and did he achieve it. Do that, and you'll find that while Trump takes a lot of flak for his tweets, it's almost always because he's directly over his target."


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According to a new rule published in the Federal Register, asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U.S. southern border. The rule, expected to go into effect on Tuesday, also applies to children who have crossed the border alone, the AP reported.


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Pelosi fell into Trump's trap.

Now the Democrats must embrace the Smiling Somali and her ilk.

Polling shows that the voters view AOC as the face of party, and AOC has a 22 percent favorability rate.

The Smiling Somali has a 9 percent favorability rate.

Trump just goaded Pelosi into alienating all sane Americans.


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@Cdubois @baldilocks @ThomasWic @drawandstrike @thinksolon

Remember during the first Republican debate of 2016, Megyn Kelly was so unprofessional and rude to Trump. Nobody else on the stage was treated with obvious venom. And she got affronted that he hit back hard at both her and O'Donnell, giving her ugliness right back to her that night, but especially the next day. Eye for an eye among equals.

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Just got suspended from the tweeters because I posted that politicians who commit treason should be hung.
They wanted my phone# and for me to delete the tweet before I would be reinstated.
I put my phone # as 1-800-f@-off
I don't need twitter.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.