Seriously, if I didn't know better, I would think the Dem leadership is running scared. I wonder if they sense that their days are numbered.

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So what are the chances the cease fire was coincidentally decided upon the day after the house made voted on that incredibly stupid resolution?

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Media has been going bonkers over Turkey for the last week. Now there's a cease fire and they could care less. So, Trump has are troops out and a cease fire and a commitment to battle ISIS. Barely a word from the media.

The MSM think they are circling in for the kill. The reality is that they are merely circling the toilet bowel like good little turds.

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"Isn’t it so awesome that Andrew McCabe praises the most recent whistleblower...when he fucking destroyed my life and others who stood up for the truth!!! Your thoughts? As I pack for my 4th move in 7 years because of retaliation!"

Maybe Justin Castro has a good excuse for the brown face, like he just pulled head out of a cow's a*s or something... You just can't make this stuff up!

Canada must be soo proud...

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This is an actual Twitter avatar chosen by someone in all seriousness.

First, this ghastly photo of David Hogg was taken, and then people chose it as their avatars.

Because they like it.

What can you even say, except that an enormous percentage of us are batshit crazy.

Cyphering has always been difficult for Ol' Joe. Guess he ran out of fingers and toes...

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We have people feeding the press disinformation.

We have Trump sending totally unclear messages.

And we have the Saudis saying that they're not sure what happened.


The mullahs want a war, because the knee-jerk reaction of Iranians will be to unite behind the mullahs.

That's what happened in Lebanon in 2006.

Hezbollah's enemies fell deeply in love with Hezbollah.

From 3Days3Nights on Twitter:

Too funny not to post....

I wonder if, back in the day, Joe Biden led some gang activity a'la West Side Story where Joe and Capt'n Crunch team up to take on Corn pop and his band of miscreants such as Sugar Pop and Count Dracula. That must have been EPIC!

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Excellent work by
as the march towards the Govt production of exculpatory evidence which will lead to exonneration of

Saul Montes-Bradley seen in the march

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@rarity @PRooney @jsadowski @REX

idiots. Who in their right mind lies and slanders a sitting Supreme Court Justice?

Go get 'em Justice K.

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