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Okay, what is the creepiest thing in this picture?

1) Adam Schiff
2) Jeffery Epstien
3) The two of them together
4) The dildo on the end table

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PDJT has taken all possibilities into account.

What if Joe drops out? What if Hillary jumps in?

What if Gabbard runs as an independent? What if Bernie does?

What if there's a brokered convention?

What if Warren chooses Hillary as her running mate? Or vice versa?

What if Bernie chooses Gabbard as his running mate? Or vice versa?

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BWAHAHA! " Pierre Delecto "! 😜
Mittens been busy on the Twatterverse! My sides hurt! OMGerd.

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0bama Headlining Democrat Redistricting Fundraiser at Alex Soros’s Home

Nothing to see here. Just a failed former president working hard to destroy America.

Rumor is that Pierre Delecto is a cousin of both Carlos Danger and Reinhold Niebuhr.

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Roger L. Simon:
Journalism isn't just dead — it's decomposed.

When Chris Wallace — in all Deep State unctuousness — asked Mick Mulvaney on Fox News Sunday to comment on a "well-connected Republican" who allegedly told Wallace there was a 20 percent chance the GOP would vote to remove the president from office, he not only was aiding in that decomposition, he was picking up a shovel and helping dig its grave.


A giant PUD was seen in the Senate recently. He answers to the Name "Pierre Delecto". If spotted, please avoid him at all costs. Pierre's image is below:

Seriously, if I didn't know better, I would think the Dem leadership is running scared. I wonder if they sense that their days are numbered.

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So what are the chances the cease fire was coincidentally decided upon the day after the house made voted on that incredibly stupid resolution?

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Media has been going bonkers over Turkey for the last week. Now there's a cease fire and they could care less. So, Trump has are troops out and a cease fire and a commitment to battle ISIS. Barely a word from the media.

The MSM think they are circling in for the kill. The reality is that they are merely circling the toilet bowel like good little turds.

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