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The span of one week in Texas weather. ๐Ÿคจ ๐Ÿค  ๐Ÿ˜‚

I read this headline and eye rolled myself into a new dimension.

"MSNBC Host Joy Reid: White People in Red States Want Black People to Die From COVID"

I am so sick of these racist, fear mongering people. ๐Ÿคฎ

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I just tuned in to "Louder with Crowder".
They are sooooooo enjoying satirizing this shit show which they are broadcasting live.
If u want a satirical twist on the sham impeachment show, u might want to tune it.

I overheard the owner of my company and a huge customer on the phone today.

The customer wants to order triple of something they bought from us PRE covid.

When the owner found out this company had Chinese shareholders calling the shots he politely told them to go suck an egg.

I love him.

This is why I do not watch anything mainstream anymore. These people are so annoying. (my employer has BING as our default browser.) Just ugh.

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Yeah, nothing to see here, folks.

Nothing's happening behind the scenes.


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The Vanity Fair article is more evidence that Trump has something gigantic in the works.

It's necessary for his enemies to think they won.

All it takes to convince them is to tell them.

Just like you do to five-year-olds.


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So Trump had to let the country EXPERIENCE just how bad things would get before he could finish his work.


I'll be damned if the Democrats aren't acting as though Trump put a curse on them, forcing them to do everything necessary to ENSURE that Trump's return will be celebrated with delirium.

TWO impeachments for non-crimes.


All good things to those who wait.

People are afraid because THEY can't imagine what Trump can do at this point.

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CNN: itโ€™s so peaceful without Trump.

CNN: yup peaceful

CNN: so much peace



CNN: I wonder what Trump is doing.

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