OK. I am going to be honest. I stepped away from all things political for a breather and to recalibrate. I am interested though why Liz Cheney was ousted though.

I have tried to glance at MSM crap about it but as usual it is all Trumps fault, orange man bad rhetoric ..

Can someone educate me please and thank you. (or at least point me into the directions of facts from a link or something.)


Her main goal is to restore the Good Ol’ Party back to its glory days of war and power.

She’s also made it her mission to make sure that the Orange Man never steps foot in the Oval Office again.

She’s stuck in the 1990’s.

Short form: she's "Government's Other Party", has been playing nice with the Democrats since January, is apparently under the impression that if she attacks the BadOrangeMan the Democrat Media Complex will like her and treat her like she's a real person.

The Republicans have had enough, this is war, and repeating the enemy's talking points doesn't gain you support in the the party. This isn't her father's party, thank God.

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