My company here in Texas has seen a major increase in job applications where the person applying simply writes MEXICO across the section where it asks for past work experience and education. Asking 25.00 an hour to drive a fork lift. 🤨

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This is all real.

They've had shootouts with honest deputies.

We've had several utterly corrupt sheriffs in a row who allowed this gang to grow.

In my city, all the deputies weigh 400 pounds. They're absolutely useless as peace officers.

Since they can't fight or run, they'd just shoot you and plant a gun.

We need to start importing southern cops who are veterans.

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This guy actually said that Trump supporters are "prone to demonic possession."

That's why Gorka went off on him.

Brian Karem knows all about demonic possession.

Who makes faces like this, except for the possessed?

Twitter is down ...

is that the sound of files being dumped I hear?? 😂 😂😂

Beautiful memorial dedicated to our Dallas Police officers who lost their lives protecting the very rights of the BLM movement to protest. Senseless deaths.

My heart is still broken for these families. 😥

All these explosions. I came to ask thoughts on them from the experts @ThomasWic @Debradelai

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1. Hello everyone. I would like to write my first thread here. Forgive me if it's not properly laid out.
Today, socialist sanders posted this propaganda article to take shots at trump.

I would like to thoroughly debunk it in this thread. First a little background. I am a practicing pharmacist. I went to Pharm school for 6 years. graduated in 2013 and have been working at a very busy pharmacy since. we process and fill nearly 1000 prescriptions a day

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The feds will land on Portland like a ton of covfefe.

That's why Grenell and Cruz and others are speaking out.

The word has been passed, so they're shaping the battlefield by getting people ready for the next development.

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German rep to UNSC:
Iran's transfer of rockets to Houthis in Yemen violates UNSC resolutions. We express concern over Iran's transfer of drones technology to the Houthis in Yemen.

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Thank you for sharing this, uplifting!
❤️ Praying for Gen. Flynn and his family, soon the truth will set him free. 🇺🇸


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