With all this hoarding going on, Walmart might actually have to open that third check out line.🤨

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So in the end, Obama simply made everything worse.

The reason I admire Trump and the Saudis and Emiratis so much is that they deceive by HIDING their capabilities.

Obama tried to show of, and he experienced pratfall after pratfall.

Trump is PRETENDING to take pratfalls.

His enemies laugh, and then Trump wins.



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American decline is due entirely to orthodoxy and rigidity of thought.

It infects everything: politics, law enforcement, the judiciary, industry, banking, farming, entertainment, education, individual growth...

People want simple formulas for success.


Trump uses formulas that allow him to improvise.

Sun Tzu is actually just a FRAMEWORK.

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Obama had TWO COMPETING programs for training rebels.

One was run by the Pentagon, and one was run by the CIA.

My guess is the hapless professional is an American CIA paramilitary, sent into battle without speaking the language of the locals.

From what I can tell, the US government has been incompetent since the end of World War II.

Nobody has done a study on how that conflict traumatized the human race.

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@Pissyfit I've listened to a cpl of his talks. He's very interesting and articulate.

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That is actually the first day of early voting. Actual primary day is March 3.

This video makes me smile over and over again. I saw someone tweeted it out on Twitter and been smiling ever since. 🙂 ❤️ @HeshmatAlavi


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Didn't I tell you this tiny peckered Latin American dictator wannabe would claim credit for the non-violence of a never at risk non-violent protest?

Right on cue.

He declared a state of emergency predicated on a lie. Now, THAT is real abuse of power.

The first impulse of Democrats always has been and always will be to curtail our freedoms.

There is no other way they can ram their Socialist crap down our throats.

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@Elaines2cents @GenFlynn

I'm still reading the filing, but it would appear that if he doesnt, he'll be kicking the appeal door wide open.

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Russia desperately trying to throw a line to the Mullahs.

Lavrov: "“So the 21st century is the time when we must get rid of any methods of dealing in international relations which smack of colonial and neo-colonial times. And sanctions, unilaterally imposed sanctions, they are not going to work.”

Expect the Democrats to pick up on the talking points.

Sanctions are obviously working despite the Socialists rhetorical gymnastics.


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Will the spineless morons carping about "war with Iran" please shut the fuck up?

Really, you can change your diapers now.

There will be no war.

At most, a hunting expedition.

Stupid cowards make Chamberlain look like a visionary.

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