I have a very sincere question aimed at @ThomasWic and @Debradelai

(anyone else is welcome to join in)

Can you gentleman give me your thoughts on Katie Hopkins?


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I don't know what happened in Culiacán, Mexico, today, but it's clear that SOMEONE kicked some serious ass, and it's being hushed up.

First, a scene with a Sinaloa Cartel improvised armored vehicle.


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This may have been a trap.

The OFFICIAL Mexican story is that 30 cops and National guard were patrolling, when El Chapo's son fired on them from a house.

The cops and Guardsmen took him into custody, and the story after that is totally unclear.

Some reports say he was freed, and some say he's still in custody.

AT ANY RATE, there were photos and video of at least a dozen dead cartel gunmen.

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And you can see with your own eyes that two people in a small car deliberately rammed the armored vehicle, and then all the gunmen were killed.

The blood, extra sandals, and shell casings indicate a gun battle at the rear of the armored vehicle.

All we can say for sure is that WE NEED THAT WALL.



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The US Military flying near Turkish troops in Ain Issa came after US base detected threat in area, Pentagon said.

An unidentified airstrike destroyed a full convoy of Syrian regime forces, who tried to enter Manbij, leaving 190 of them killed and others wounded.

IF this is true, it resembles the resembles the U.S. attack on Russian mercenaries reported by @ThomasWic back in 2017, if I'm not mistaking the date. That attack reportedly left around 500 men dead.

Curious to see how President Trumps rally in Minnesota goes. Talk about walking into the belly of the beast 😲

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Look, I don't like this woman, but IMO she is spot on with this article.

"This column will explain the impeachment farce in two minutes. By the end, you will thank the media for demanding the release of Trump’s phone calls with the presidents of Ukraine and Australia."


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Hey! Just checking in on you. Have not chatted in a while. Saw your last post.

She’ll be on F&F tomorrow.

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So true! One of the smartest things I ever saw on social media was the advice a woman gave. She said it was best to block and mute trolls rather than engage them. "Everyone has the right to scream into an empty room" was the catch-phrase.

@JM @Linnie @Gmajv @Debradelai

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Sitting in a diner eavesdropping on the table behind me.

All Dems critical of Trump, saying that Pelosi and Schiff are possibly costing Dems the House.

Said about Trump, “I don’t like him, but what they’re doing to him and his family isn’t right.”

These are normal Americans

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7:44 AM - 6 Oct 2019

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#1 Trend on Twitter tonight.

Nancy has gone and pissed off the Right now and it is glorious to watch. 🔥🔥

Let me try this again with the correct GIF 😂

Happy Fall y'all 🍂🍁🍃🌿

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