Howie Carr on @HowieCarrShow: “When do the hacks receive THEIR lay-off notices?”

Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush today 12-3, is on fire.

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@marklevinshow: "Why has Judge Jackson continued her gag order on Roger Stone? The trial is over. It’s been over. She has no constitutional authority to continue to silence Stone and violate his 1st amendment right under threat of imprisonment."

(H/T @JackPosobiec RT )

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The new 'front runner' for the Dems, at only 11% is Joe Lieberman's son.

Raphael Warnock is the choice of the Leftist Establishment but he has actually lost ground, dropping to single digits.

These polls are notoriously fluid and subject to sharp changes, but the trends are evident.

Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush today 12-3, says given Biden’s lack of cognitive function, we need to know who will be the Hedley Lamar of a Biden administration

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The entire bullshit "elite" structure is tumbling down. THANK GOD.

Harvard & Yale under investigation for 375 million secret funding from China, Saudi Arabia:

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"Officials admit it: Trump saved lives and spared America from worst of coronavirus

President Trump has been outrageously lied about by Democrats, who invented a claim that he called the coronavirus a "hoax," and he's also been subject to assorted howls of "chaos" and unreadiness and doing nothing–ness from other quarters of the pious left. ..."

Turns out none of this was true.

“NC lost 43k manufacturing jobs after NAFTA was signed.”

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On The Road Of Service With Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band

Go behind the scenes with Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band during a 2019 cross-country journey to military installations in Georgia and Florida on a mission of bringing honor, gratitude, and rock 'n' roll to service members, veterans, and their loved ones.

Lindsey Graham: “Everyone in this room has one thing in common: we all have your back.”

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Every day I think to myself I can't love this man any more, but then he turns around and does something like this and I find even more room in my heart to love...

Please POTUS, don't ever leave us.

The whole clip is funny, but particularly so at 2:00.

“"Thank you most of all for putting up with the never-ending bullshit you have to go through.” ~ Lindsey Graham @ Trump Charleston rally

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Any suggestions on a response to this text msg I received today?

“Hi I'm Joe from Mike Bloomberg's campaign. With so much at stake, Americans deserve a Democratic candidate who can beat Donald Trump. Will you support Mike?”

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