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The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) Tweeted:
‘A TOTAL LOSER’: Romney Mocked After Using Secret Twitter Account To Defend Himself, Report Suggests bit.ly/2MZfRxb bit.ly/2N13rVw

More Mittens.

The Liberation of Mitt Romney

The newly rebellious senator has become an outspoken dissident in Trump’s Republican Party, just in time for the president’s impeachment trial.


How far will this all go?

Transgender Activists Force Menstrual Products Brand Always To Remove ‘Woman’ Symbol From Packaging

Some social media users also claim that trangender females can have “period-like” symptoms once a month.

The announcement comes on the heels of “National Period Day,” a nationwide push for “menstrual equity.”

Contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination got in on the menstrual frenzy...


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@A_friend @rarity


It holds back tons of people all over the world.

For so many Jewish Americans, leftism is part of their identity.

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President Trump on Facebook:

"Susan Rice, who was a disaster to President Obama as National Security Advisor, is now telling us her opinion on what to do in Syria.


That was Obama.

Millions killed!

No thanks Susan, you were a disaster."

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For those of you who haven't seen it, here's the letter President Trump sent to President Erdogan.

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The crowd is so loud it's deafening. He can't even talk.

Thank you very much, hello Dallas! I'm thrilled to be here deep in the heart of Texas where we just opened a beautiful new Louis Vuitton plant.

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Cool, Terrance Williams has come on camera to talk to the RSBN reporter. He's very excited and says it's his first Trump rally and he's never in his entire life like this, the energy everybody is friendly, it's awesome.

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The rally is being held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas and it holds about 21,000. It looks about the size of the Minneapolis rally last week. Though Texas is a red state, Dallas is deep blue and Trump lost to Hillary by 26 points in 2016.

It's a huge crowd, lots of red white and blue T-shirts, lots of enthusiasm

French police teargas firefighters in Paris protesting working conditions

The President of the Union of Professional Firefighters noted that the firefighters had been on strike since June, but had won only “total disdain” from authorities.


British school suspends LGBT lessons after 80% of pupils kept home by parents


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Appearing at a Texas panel discussion supporting President Trump, Don Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, joked that the president’s son “likes it when I play nurse.”

Guilfoyle, 50, told the crowd that she has known both of the Trumps for years, but quipped, “I know Donald Trump Jr. a little better, let’s just get that out of the way right now.”


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“Use the same standard for President Trump and Joe Biden and let the American people read the transcripts and decide.”

@TedCruz believes the Trump admin should release the #Transcripts of former VP @JoeBiden’s phone calls with #Ukraine. theepochtimes.com/ted-cruz-urg …

Original Tweet: twitter.com/epochtimes/status/

6:40 PM - 15 Oct 2019

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Everything Erdogan wants to do in Syria will be thwarted.

This stage of the conflict will do a lot to unite all Syrians.

As for a "resurgent Islamic State," it's not the job of the US to police the Middle East.

We've spent trillions in overseas wars since 2001.

Our allies are now armed and trained enough to so the heavy lifting.

DCA blackouts expose the total scam of solar panels

Even when solar panels do work, they’re still largely a scam. Power companies rip off solar owners by charging much higher rates for electricity delivery than what they credit you for “uploading” watts from your solar panels. So while your panels are providing power to the electricity company at a discounted rate, that same company is still charging you retail rates for the power you use.


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Turkey fell into a trap.

By pulling out US troops, Trump broke the stalemate between the Kurds and the Syrians.

Now Turkey will be defeated in Syria AGAIN, and Erdogan will become even less popular at home.

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