My hubs a M.D., currently has a subject with some nerve damage due to an injection given poorly. That is to say the injection was placed in an area of the arm in which the ulna nerves pass through (not good). Injections need to go into the muscle and not anywhere else unless given by a professional.
during the covid action there was a push to allow newly trained assistants. I just thought you might like to know this.

@YoungBlood Wonder what happened to him when he made a last minute visit to Antartica a few years back


Another uncomfortable aspect not covered by history lessons is that nations did not attack and infiltrate in the past 500 years, the northwestern hump of Africa. The slave trade was fed internally by powerful men in tribes who kidnapped, and/or imprisoned, humans - in chains and marched them in misery to the sea for profit. The horrific trade happened at Point B at the seaports, supplied by wealthy powerful African men.

This is my husband's WTC pin. His uncle, Robert Koch, owned the steel company that built the WTC. A funny thing. As I was fleeing the shadow of a bombed building I was concerned that it would pancake lower Manhattan. My husband wasn't sure if I'd come home, but years before he'd challenged his uncle on the wisdom of building so high. Uncle Bob bristled and explained how the Trade Center would collapse if the structure was bombed. It performed the way it was designed and I'm still here.

Sigh..“Basket of Deplorables” seems so innocent now in 2022. We went from deplorables to extremists in just a few short years. I didn’t even notice the change in me. Weird


IF somebody presents something one, you, feel solid or at least worth looking into on in any forum, the likes are nice, but the boosts get the story out there wider. We are in a situ right now to get info out, by all viably well-informed means. You being filter is appropriate and A OK.

If you read something ya connect with and ponder about, the complacent likes are so nice, but get the info out nowhere.

Leave this here as it is an issue with much info that should have come out earlier.

Excellent collection of doom & gloom predictions...

Climate Change Forecasts

Larry Elder pulls together quite a few wonderful quotes predicting doom, pain, and agony all relating to Climate change..

Take note of the dates listed..

Oh. I am so bad. Am likely gonna have a badass big Great Horned Owl fly from the forest across my tiny back yard, me perched on deck in trees. Just imitated LOUD its call. Several times, as it is now VERY vocal CLOSE. Bad biologist. Bad. Crows going cray. We went through all this a month ago, when owl was being harrassed by the crows, and landed on the porch rail 5 feet away while I was communing. I froze and it hung for a few seconds. It is right in a tree next to us.


Biden picked dumbest people for his cabinets and that includes SCOTUS.

On couple of the Beard Blathers @Debradelai mentioned about the Toyota hydrogen V8 prototype which was shared by an article by @PoserIndex

If anyone wants to know what the current gasoline version sounds like, here it is:

Update. Hubs surgery went great. He will be sleeping rest of day. Home tomorrow we think. Infected toe is gone, but rest of foot A-OK. Most of the toe bone was ruined (no longer solid), but doc had to take it all to get to a clear healthy bone margin. Middle toe, so no effect on walking or balance. And they got this nasty, fast as heck infection before it got to foot skeleton proper. Thank you all for support.

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