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A new company is offering restored original Fiat 500s from €9,000

There was a sizable aftermarket industry for the old 500 that were going for no less than 30K Euros.

FIAT jumped in and cut the legs off all the competitors by also discontinuing the aftermarket autoparts pipeline.

Gives "scumbags" a new meaning.



The CEO of Fenix Arms, the on-line ammo retailer in Michigan, was asked by the Michigan Tactical Officers' Association to donate some ammo to them for a training conference. This was the CEO's response.

Just so you know ...

The Durham report proved the FBI, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama framed President Trump to win an election and destroy his first term after he won.

If this isn't treason, nothing is

A federal jury in New York on Tuesday found former President Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing and forcibly touching the writer E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s, and of defaming her last fall when he accused her of making up that account.

The verdict in the civil trial came after less than three hours of deliberation in U.S. District Court in lower Manhattan.



Now this gregarious hermit is tired, and stretched out on back porch resting, too lit to sleep. Happy.

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Leaches and Maggots are still used in legitimate medical procedures.


Joe Biden on Tuesday announced that he is running for reelection via a heavily produced video. Biden’s video attacked “extreme MAGA Republicans,” asserted that we are still in a battle for the soul of America, and talked about how he is the one to defend against the threat to freedom. He claimed that Republicans want to “ban books,” tell people who they can love, cut Social Security, and make it harder for people to vote.


I guess we stepped it up since we now have men and women without chests.

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