Just to make our US friends feel its not just your govt. Turns out the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, 2nd highest office of government, not only held a US Green Card until recently but that his wife is non domiciled. Conveniently this means she elects that all her world income is outside the scope of UK tax.
Hasn't stopped him a Goldman Sachs mole increasing the personal tax burden on the UK to levels not seen for 40 years. How noble.
Boris and his globalist goons will get their comeuppance.

My US friends might like to know of the death of a real hero, WW2 veteran Harry Billinge aged 96.

Stormed Gold Beach in 1944 and lost all but 4 of his comrades.

Dedicated the rest of his life to conserving their memory and raising money for a national Monument on Gold beach, which he made happen.

Please google his interview with the BBC's Naga Munchetty re D Day bbc.co.uk/news/av-embeds/48543

Just a wonderful human being. At ease Harry, never be another like you.

Oh shit.......apologies if this has been posted before, I hadn't seen it until now:


China must be loving all this western angst.
Chyna Virus, Ukraine......what's next for a hat trick of diversions? 🤔

FFS (II) EU apparently furious but wont impose maximum sanctions because.......German and Italian reliance on Russian gas. 😂

FFS Downing Street bathed in yellow and Blue light.

Putin must be shitting himself 😂

What an absolute mess.

Doesn't matter what pygmy Euro Leaders think, or huff 'n puff like Boris. Its only the US that counts, who we all look to and Bidet has shit the bed. He won't even fix his own borders!!!

If China now moves against Taiwan, the roof falls in.

Very worrying times. Oil goes to $150

BTW I repeat my assertion that Boris is done. The 54 MP letters required to inititiate a leadership contest likely to be surpassed on Friday.
He's toast.

Epstein/Maxwell "expose" just aired on national prime time in UK.
A more watered-down boring rehash of old news you would find hard to imagine.
I cant help think this is part of the white wash/deflection of Epstein onto Maxwell. The elites are controlling the narrative. Helpfully, inflation is also now rampant, funny that.

What is it with DeSantis?!?!?

I didn't see that coming. Was I missing something in the UK ?

Boris is going down. There's no coming back from having a piss-up in Downing Street whilst the public were locked-up and banned from seeing dying relatives. He's done. Good, another RINO will bite the dust.

Could the FBI become any more discredited? They appear to actively and deliberately work against the interests of the American people. It is truly shocking and..............nothing happens....

Well well, looks like the great US people haven't forgotten about China and hold Bidet responsible Love the real US !!

Why is China getting a free pass on COVID? I just cannot get my head around this.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends on this platform. Your insight and analysis is a breath of fresh air in a world full of bias. Enjoy the turkey!!! 🇺🇲 🇬🇧

@TearGasBreakfast—Oh, dear God! Please don’t let that happen!

She should just stay the heck in England.



The comments are reading FB has plenty of backup. I can’t make sense about what’s happening. But it’s seems big.

Loving life on QV, like a luxury liner in the tropics with bat shit wonderful company 😂🍺

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