This looks like a MOAB from President Trump. "I want Schiff questioned at the highest levels for Fraud and Treason".

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Be sure to checkout our new website!

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The CIA doesn't have a chance against Trump.

There was an ex-CIA dork on Twitter who kept predicting Trump's imminent demise, because "you don't piss off the Agency."

It was really funny.

"They won't let him be the nominee. They won't let him get elected. They won't let him be sworn in."

Then the dork began drinking a gallon of vodka a day, apparently.

Trump is in no danger. He's in total control.

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The personal bodyguard of Saudi Arabia's King Salman was shot and killed, state TV reported Sunday, in what authorities described as a personal dispute.

Officials offered few details on an incident that shocked the kingdom.

Posted video earlier from Potus tweet of Mark Levin on Fox & Friends. Potus tweeted another version, includes Mark talking about impeachment and changes Pelosi made to House rules.

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Red Pill Dealer🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ (@hmcd123) Tweeted:
Geronimo Time
Battle Cry 👈

@GenFlynn changed his Background again

Geronimo is a US Army airborne exclamation occasionally used by jumping skydivers or, more generally, anyone about to jump from a great height, or as a general exclamation of exhilaration

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Happening in IRAN: the fastest growth of the Christian chuch is happening RIGHT NOW. Many mosques are EMPTY.
they are meeting in homes, in secret, Jesus is coming to them in dreams and visions, and the hungry disillusioned people of Iran are seeking TRUTH. There is a price; we must pray for these new converts.
Video on Youtube: "Sheep among Wolves"

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New video message from POTUS!

Donald J. Trump
They are trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU!

2:14 PM · Sep 28, 2019

Someone finally did a detailed analysis of the Whistleblower form changes. "The collusion that has been underway by the likes of Schiff and the deep state IC is shocking."

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@RyanGirdusky: "According to @NateSilver538's 538, today is the first time that Trump has a higher overall approval rating than President Obama at the same point in their presidencies"

(H/T @JackPosobiec RT )

How many warnings does one get before they've gone too far and just punishment is meted out? Or is it 3 strikes, you're out?

This is the third time President Trump has tweeted "Presidential Harassment". The last two times, all caps. September 19th, 24th, and this morning, the 28th.

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@Angela @DonnaLea @mimimayes

There's the issue:

"This statement sums it up best for me."

Peter Schweitzer is a rinky dink. He's unable to grasp what's happening.

Did you think Michael Flynn was the only one willing to take a massive personal risk by APPEARING to do something untoward?

Sessions, Rosenstein, McMaster...and Trump. They're doing things that open themselves up to criticism from all sides.

But it's the only way to destroy the Democratic party as it now exists.

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This 30 second ad is amazing.

Donald J. Trump

12:41 PM · Sep 27, 2019

This really stinks. The Whistleblower form was changed just 2 days ago to permit submission of information gathered 2nd hand.

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Long list of excuses that Democrats have used to push for impeachment.

This impeachment thing has long lost its sting and at this point is like drinking really watered down beer.

Mark Levin covers the Ukraine whistleblower issues quite nicely. And coincidentally, keeps Hannity from talking too much.

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