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I wonder what Pakistan and Russia imploding at roughly the same time does to China.

I wonder what the fall out of the Pakistan unrest will be.

It was only a matter of time before Pakistan imploded.

Watch this one, guys, it will make waves.

The fact that Scott Adams seems to love RFK Jr says a lot.

What are the limits on the damage that can be done to the country by the mass migration that is occurring?

Superficially, it looks like it could be extremely damaging, between the opportunity for malicious actors (e.g. cartel or CCP operatives) to tag a long, in addition to malevolent domestic forces exploiting illegal aliens for a range of uses.

But is it more of a long term issue that will simmer for decades or will their be devastating short term effects?

This guy is the most interesting and seemingly credible source on Ukraine I have found thus far:

There isn't a whole lot of quality orchestral music being produced these days but you can always count on the Japanese gaming industry to crank out derivative, kitsch, weird shit to give you a whiff of what you wish society was producing for you:

Well, say what you will about Illinois Democrats, but don't say their hair isn't pretty crazy:

START{Tinfoil helmet time (THT)}:

Vivek Ramaswamy and RFK Jr. are, respectively, what you would create if you were to create a Tucker/Bannon candidate in a test tube, and a Jones/Bannon candidate in a test tube.

They are both promoted within different sectors of Conservative Inc (TM).

Do they exist to attack Trump on his flanks to those portions of his base? Who's behind them?


@PathIntegral @redwhitebluedude

The last statement is a bit dubious to me.

It is causing extensive damage on Republicans (the Conservative, Inc. hysteria, that is.

I'm beginning to think the theory that RFK Jr. is a chaos agent recruited by the moldering likes of Steve Bannon may have some basis in reality...

I hope Tucker runs for president so he can be turned inside out and then permanently removed from the conversation.

One can dream. One can only dream.

So what's going on with these leaked documents?

I keep hearing sources I consider credible giving conflicting information.

Did NATO experience a big leak or not?

I get that Trump feels the need to acknowledge whatever fashionable gorp is swilling around in the collective id of his base, but does he really need to fan the frivolous flames of "de-dollarization" gibberish?

Yes, it's a nice addition to a list of real and imagined grievances inflicted upon us by the Great Wrinkly One, but it is also definitively in the latter category.

RFK Jr. joining the race is potentially quite interesting.

He may force Biden to campaign in the primary, and he is even more decrepit than before.

RFK Jr. will also divert some of the toxic energy in Trump's based from the disaffected left-wing/non-aligned portion towards himself, which could be positive for Trump.

In effect, if he isn't immediately squelched, he could cause Biden to face a two fronted war.

There isn't a prayer of RFK jr making it to the general.

Interesting times.

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