So far I prefer Vivek as a second choice to Trump, based upon his style.

The current line of attack from DeSantis has slanted towards petty, deceitful, or outright nonsensical. I get it, they have to play hardball against a monster like Trump, but Vivek has executed similar attacks in a far more honest and fair way.

At least, that is my present impression, I'm still fond of DeSantis, but I get the sense that that he hired many of the usual corporate hacks to manage his media strategy.


In reality, the Trump aligned PACs are worse. Especially that bunch of kindergartners at MAGAPAC.


Fair enough, but from the point of view of DeSantis, he needs some kind of substantive counterpoint.

He does not have one.


Does it really matter? To me it does not. So long as Trump is still in the race, DeSantis will not get my primary vote, in Florida. He asked us to continue his employment for four years. That will be greatly diminished going forward.

What was that he said to Eric Bolling? " . . . we need somebody who can finish two terms."

Damned right we do and that is exactly why we re-elected him.

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