How the hell did I not know that there was a rendition of Denzel Washington as Macbeth?

Side note, but if mentally incontinent white lefturds actually cast killer actors like Denzel when deliberately race swapping for tHe meSsAg3#! I would still be irritated but substantially less so.

Mounting (but unconfirmed) evidence of Venezuela joining the shithole invasion parade, in this case in Guyana:

The gall of these assholes his baffling and absurd all at once.

Hamas apologists are out in full force on twat. I respond to their bleating with:

A more striking image.

Also recall that numerous government officials in the Biden administration have explicitly stated that China is a major adversary.

I get it's normal for some to show support for foreign dignitaries by waving their flag, but the fact that the official position of the Biden administration is that the PRC is committing genocide in Xinjiang makes this feel exceptionally perverse.

Lots of anti-Ukraine nonsense in the zeitgeist, even popular pro-Ukraine voices are wavering.

Which is baffling, given that there are credible reports of heavy weapons landing on the southeastern bank of the Dnieper.

Russia is so atrophied and feeble that they are slowly moving light infantry by foot to try and bottle up the river crossings. That's the best they can do.

Good thing the war is already over for Russia.

This is spreading around social media now and I wanted to hear some hot takes.

It suggests that Trump had an active security clearance with DoE as of June 2023 and insinuates this has something to do with nuclear weapons.

I'm doing some research now, but I'm curious what is the policy on security clearances for former presidents? This doesn't necessarily sound surprising to me.

I am also looking for the source of the trial discovery quoted in this twat.

So Iran said they'd intervene if Israel invaded.

Where's the intervention, fellas??

Having a bit of future shock here...

@hughhewitt: "From 'News Items' ( from ⁦@EllisItems⁩ comes an announcement from Google Deep Mind about what is arguably the most important development in synthetic biology yet: [screenshot]"

(H/T @RealSaavedra RT )

Just got an alert from Texas Wing SITREP briefing that they have "perceived threats" for the Houston area. (We don't live in that area.)

No suggestions as to what to do or what the nature of the threat is, which seems particularly unusual.

If you live in Houston, I suppose it would be prudent to be extra cautious.


"President Trump will offer classified information at trial relating to foreign
influence activities that impacted the 2016 and 2020 elections, as well as efforts by his
administration to combat those activities. "

Oddly enough I don't find this blatant racism/sexism threatening, just pitifully retarded.

Behold, America's Machiavellian nemesis and archfoe, they who will inherit the next century, our oriental ubermenschen future overlords!

I have a special trick for dealing with anxiety whenever it gets too intense:

I remind myself that there is a roiling, unfathomably vast inferno of molten rock violently raging eight or so miles beneath my feet at the very same moment I'm feeling uneasy.

Relaxes me every time!

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