Now that the Ukrainians can see victory on the horizon, is it any wonder that the motherfuckers at the New York Times, Washington Post, and other vile rags are lying about casualties, chances of victory, and so on?


How do you feel about the fact that your betters who feel entitled to run society produce offspring like Caroline Ellison?

This video contains a little of what I couldn't share before re: Zhengzhou and uprisings in China.

It's not 'isolated events'. It's nationwide continuous and scary big.

When I was there, saying anything against the actual regime was unthinkable. Scary even. Those days are long gone.

So, between Brazil and China, which (if either) is headed toward an actual revolution? Or, if both, who first?

So is SBF actually still speaking on the 30th with Zelenskyy, Yellen, and Zuckerberg?

This is being reported by various outlets of varying repute.

Let me see if I get this right.

The guy who secured a bogus conviction on Bob McDonnel (tossed by SCOTUS 9-0) paving the way for Terry McAwful and bungled the trial of John Edward's (leading to his acquital) is the "non-partisan" shyster picked to go after Trump?

Yeah. Sure.

This is an intriguing story that dropped today in the WSJ: A new back channel between Biden and Xi was opened leading up to their recent meeting:

If you can't get past the paywall, ZeroHedge has an uncharacteristically non-sensational summary you can read instead:


I hope this bitch dies the slow painful death she so richly deserves.

And some wonder if the Cultural Revolution could happen again.

With ignorant, intolerant vicious psychopaths like this, it's inevitable.

A meme that theoretically could get a takedown request from the Chinese Communist Party, Disney, and the FBI.

My wonderful niece just passed on. Please remember her husband and children in your prayers.

So megalomaniac proglodyte* Sam Bankman-Fried decided it would be a good idea to DM a Vox reporter his inner most thoughts shortly after the FTX scandal erupted, and you can see how that went down below:

*A portmanteau of progressive and troglodyte, since the former is a misnomer that refers to the latter

As if on queue, about a week after the midterms, Putin launched a major offensive in the Donetsk region.

I haven't the foggiest idea if there is a relation between the events.

Expect to hear some propaganda soon about them capturing some territory, as is inevitable, but it will not be much before they are pushed back.

It is the Ardennes offensive's retarded nephew, not a stroke of tactical genius.

I remember thinking Sam Bankman-Fried was a fraud the instant I heard about him in 2019.

I ran into an endless array of similar sorts when I was in graduate school.

While many parties are exploiting the story and its conspiratorial sounding elements for nefarious purposes, I for one hope at least that it triggers the bursting of the Silly-con valley bullshit tumor.

The VC names associated with FTX may imply that my wish is not far off from being granted.

Drove home through the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. An unsightly amount of solar panel farms have popped up, desecrated the landscape, and occupied a vast amount of farmland and green space. It isn’t pretty, folks.

Fascinating interview on FTX. Marc Cohodes has a serious record, it would seem.

This I would say appears to be the most credible interview I have seen thus far.

Beware this story all the same. The worst offenders are pouncing on it (e.g. Alex Jones).

One positive outcome is that the Bannon faction has probably been severely wounded and discredited.

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