Aside from all the whingeing, does anyone have a clue whether Trump is still casting about? Mikayesfiona, some of the others that never came here because it's too sequestered?

4. Anyway, again.

A polite request, for those still on twitter.

Kick Jack in the nuts, where it hurts the most.


Tell your friends.

Keeping your account HELPS Jack.

Delete it. NOW.

Take it from me, your life will improve in every way.

Also - why help that asshole?

So it's time for everyone to get rid of their Twitter account.

Spread the word.

The end.

Berlin, Quebec, Pakistan (40% of country in blackout), Vatican, UK (Possibly).
REASON FOR Pakistan Blackout:
General Electric was about to sell to the CCP. They scheduled the deal for this Tues. Wed., but moved it up when POTUS found out through Pelosi's laptop.
CCP's offer: $5.4 BILLION
US Troop Movements (inc. Cali.)
Arrests and warrants in Italy
Gunshots heard at the Vatican!

🤣 From Eric Trump:

"Having a 10 person limit for gatherings isn’t fair — That means Biden can hold his rallies but @realDonaldTrump can’t."

The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in.
This is done by the chip monks.

Catturd (@catturd2) Tweeted:

When I see that smirk on Nancy Pelosi’s face, I’m reminded ...

In 100 years, President Trump will be mentioned alongside Lincoln and Washington - and no one will even remember Nancy Pelosi’s name.

It’ll be like - POOF - she never existed.

WOW, im shocked. German media company "Die Welt" blames Obama for the current situation with Iran.
The Title says: "This is how Obama allowed himself to be misled".
The subtitle text says:
"Iran has abandoned the Iran Deal - because of Trump's aggressive strategy. So is the US President at fault, when Iran now builds a Bomb? NO. It was Obama that was negligent - and the german Government with him."

Unfortunately its behind a paywall...

PJ Media

WOW, THAT’S QUITE A COINCIDENCE: “The New York Times published an eerie opinion piece on Thursday that used a potential attack on Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani as a hypothetical scenario hours before the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force was actually killed in remarkably similar fashion…

Holy Shee-iit! Twitter is a cesspool of blue check Lib Twitter + Dems decrying PDJT for taking out a terrorist POS. I want electoral annihilation for those sick bastards in 2020.

Trump's response will be one where he controls the outcomes.

Look for LEVERAGE.

What do the mullahs need most in order to survive? Access to markets.

And nukes.

I expect Trump will now do two things.

#1 Order an immediate and total global blockade on any trade with Iran. Any nation that defies this will face sanctions.

#2 Destroy all the Iranian nuke sites, with new weapons. Call the mullahs bluff.

The mullahs have been running on empty for a long time. It's time to finish them off.

James O'Keefe
The impeachment news just lead to new insiders within institutions asking us for hidden cameras in the last few hours.

“What can I do.”

Answer: Be brave. Join us.

Email or send us an encrypted Signal message at 914-653-3110.

Do something.

Forensic Files 2020 coming soon! Excellent.

I used to love Cornwell’s Scarpetta. Then she went femnazi.

Love Lee Childs’ Reacher most of all.

When POTUS ended penalties for not having an Obamacare Compliant plan, I choose a $300.00 a month major medical plan. I used my HSA account to pay for check ups and meds and found it was much cheaper to pay cash.

I was diagnosed with cancer in October, have had two surgeries and just started radiation. My biggest worry was the bill.

On my old exchange plan, I'd pay $1200 a month, $6500 deductible and 20% of this first bill - over $20,000.

I'll be forever grateful to Donald J Trump!

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