The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) Tweeted:
‘A TOTAL LOSER’: Romney Mocked After Using Secret Twitter Account To Defend Himself, Report Suggests


So cheesy.
Mitt's biggest fan is Mitt. Surprise!


When WashPo calls you spineless....

Romney is a man without an island.

"...far-left Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, who falsely describes herself as “conservative,” tweeted a link to an article on Romney and wrote: “Inside Romney’s Trump strategy – his strategy is nonconfrontation verging on spinelessness”

@PilgrimsLanded @Oo We all know Trump is going to start referring to Romney as Pierre and it’s going to be glorious. 😂

@umad80 @PilgrimsLanded I thought “mitt” couldn’t be beaten. Who’s name is “mitt?” Pierre.

@Oo @umad80

Of all names. Pierre...

This is hysterical and the best takedown ever.

@PilgrimsLanded @umad80 “The most hilarious part of the story is the fact that Romney had compared President Donald Trump to one of his nieces, suggesting that Trump was an immature child, while Romney appeared to be using a secret Twitter account to defend himself against criticism — which is childish and cowardly.”

@Lisa22 @Oo @PilgrimsLanded I feel like Romney is in Mean Girls where his Pierre twitter is his burn book so he can write mean things about Trump. 😂


I can't wait for someone to make a meme of him in a black beret, mustache and striped shirt reading his tweets in a french accent.

@Oo @umad80 @PilgrimsLanded

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