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found a cool way to use this platform similar to tweetdeck. I made lists of single people so I could Pin them to their own column.

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@Jackie " She told ABC News there is no one in the GOP to carry on her husband's mantle"


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'It is not the party of Abraham Lincoln ... nor the party of Ronald Reagan': John McCain's widow Cindy slams the ENTIRE Republican party leadership on the anniversary of her husband's death - lamenting that nobody has stepped up to his example

Cindy McCain marked the one-year anniversary of her husband John McCain's death with a string of rebukes to Donald Trump
She told ABC News there is no one in the GOP to carry on her husband's mantle

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This is so wonderful, 25K+ disabled Vets will have their student debt loans cleared!
Such wonderful news for those Vets, bless them all, they deserve this!! 💕 🇺🇸

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"'Democrats Have More Fun': Anthony Scaramucci Lets Loose at Bill Clinton’s Birthday Party"

"No longer persona non grata, the Mooch celebrated his break from Donald Trump in Martha’s Vineyard last weekend alongside Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and other Democratic A-listers. He may even have made a few new friends."

Yesterday I told you that he's probably the greatest Judas goat of all time.

Here's your proof.

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Thread by @PaulSchmehl: "Dr. Robert Epstein has posted a twitter storm, but unfortunately he did not thread it, so you have to go to his pron its entirety. This is the link: I have screenshotted it and will now thread it here, […]"

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@Debradelai @GenFlynn

The propaganda is becoming ao grossly obvious. It’s a good thing... it’s like sociopaths who overreach so far... they finally become ridiculous to everyone around them.

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AS ALWAYS, everybody ignores the Gulf Cooperation Council.

I put the chances of Israel striking Iraq at zero.

There's no doubt that the Saudis and their allies helped the Iraqis defeat the Islamic State.

Only fellow Arabs could also help the Iraqis throw off the Iranian yoke.

The Iraqis turn to Iran for protection. That protection comes at the cost of slavery.

Next we'll see a formal recognition from Al-Azhar and the Saudis that Shia Islam is as legitimate as Sunni Islam.

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six very surprising things I learned at my first ever Trump rally this week

1. President Trump Is More Popular Than Any Rock Star In History

2. There Are Many People Of Color At Trump Rallies

3. Millennials Are The Most Enthusiastic Trump Supporters

4. Trump Supporters Truly Love Each Other

5. Trump Rallies Are A Huge Boom For The Local Economy

6. The Streets Of Manchester Looked Cleaner After The Rally Ended

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Look how much this sweet boy has grown since January, 2017!
Barron stands 6'5", and his dad stands 6'3".
God bless this family. 🇺🇸

‘The Godfather’ Actor Shreds Cuomo Over ‘Fredo’ Meltdown: ‘His Father Would Smack Him’ | Daily Wire

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