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found a cool way to use this platform similar to tweetdeck. I made lists of single people so I could Pin them to their own column.

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I like to think all of my “please let it be Biden” worked. This is going to be a bloodbath.

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They may agree to one debate, but definitely not three.

Trump may pull something astounding. He may beat the Democrats to the punch by announcing that debating Biden would be cruel, so he'll forgo it.

The Democrats will then say Trump is afraid, so Trump will "change his mind" and force Biden to face him on stage.

Whoever did this whole series deserves whatever the equivalent is of Grammys for memes.

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RIP Kenny Rogers.

When he was young before he was “The Kenny Rogers,” he rocked.

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We'll be a different country after this.

Most Americans approve of how Trump is handling the crisis.

The Democrats crapped in their nest again.

The biggest crapping is yet to come, when they run Joe Biden and an angry woman of color who will do nothing but criticize everything about the US.

All will be well.


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They're doing this to their FRIENDS.

The combination of panic and people deliberately spreading the infection for "likes" gives us no choice.

And finally, STATES are required to handle the things that they're demanding the feds handle.

States have spent their money on pensions and benefits for public employees.

This is the result.

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Most of Los Angeles's resources are going to...homeless shelters.

Which the homeless are refusing to go to.

And nobody is forcing them to go to the shelters.

The mayor keeps saying he's acting out of love.

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This post is all about the pic. Andrew Klavan rant is secondary.

I don’t listen to his show, something bugs me about it, but this pic is pretty awesome.

And even though I’m not into the show, I think he tweets very well sometimes and In the past few years, his writing and satire had me say to myself “that was great” more than a couple of times (articles in general make me say that less than ten times a year.)

I have to read anything daily wire. Just can’t listen

The pic is worth it

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There is significant confidence in cuomo ‘s voice in end of this 2 min vid. He’s showing respect to Trump . And he’s sincere.

Also saw a CNN woman do the same.

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