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found a cool way to use this platform similar to tweetdeck. I made lists of single people so I could Pin them to their own column.

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Every president has been plagued by leaks of classified information.

Every president except for Trump.

He PLANTS stories about how he's confused, hysterical, and failing.

The press eats them up without noticing that they haven't blown A SINGLE CLASSIFIED OPERATION.

The Trump administration is airtight.

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Trump told the press TO THEIR FACES that he was doing this.

"The leaks are real. The news is fake."

There's only one possible meaning:

Barium meals. Canary traps.

But Trump did something else.

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Seth Abramson taking about himself again.

What an utter clown.

@ThomasWic Growing up (or as an adult) were you inspired by any particular detective stories/movies/tv or authors of detective stories?

a guilty pleasure for me, to wind down even as an adult, is that I read Batman stories, which often in essence are film noirish detective stories. I was recently reading a favorite author, Frank Miller, and I made the connection for the first time that his writing vibe reminds me of your threads. (But not as good)

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It appears that there's a massive coordinated operation underway to take out the Iranian mullahs.

The mullahs' greatest strengths are their lackeys, and suddenly their lackeys are being hit simultaneously from all sides, but NOT by conventional armed forces.

I'm very excited. No doubt our allies are taking advantage of the impeachment hoopla.

The Democrats are providing cover!

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For @HeshmatAlavi

I've said for a long time that much of what we';re seeing the Middle East is kabuki meant to save face and avoid more bloodshed.

It's a hard concept to accept, so I perfectly understand when people reject it.

Here's more circumstantial evidence that I'm right.

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Trump's second term will be amazing.

He won't have any limits.

In most ways, he hasn't even gotten started yet.

Think about THAT.


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The Russians had never fought us, so they were delusional.

Now they know what we can do.

It's funny that Trump--accused of being a Russian agent--inflicted on the Russians the worst military defeat they'd ever suffered at the hands of Americans.

We covered it up so that Putin could save face.

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@Oo I love how they're calling this bullying. 😂

Impeachment witness brings Barron into the mess: Media, yeah well, Trump exists.

Trump tells Greta to be a kid: OMFG! This monster! Bully! Just gross! Impeach him!

I love it when he exposes their double standards.

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Did you catch this?

Graham says the FBI investigation became a criminal enterprise.

Stay tuned.

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We are a truly stupid people.

The Pensacola terrorist did what he did in order to turn Americans against Saudi Arabia.

And Americans are falling right into the trap.

Guess how long we've been training Saudis at Pensacola?

Forty-six years.

Got This Twitter ad leading to this “OK boomer”song I don’t like it.

Few weeks ago I saw Carlos Osweda had trolls w this mindset going at him in a thread. By the time he finished, they deleted all their comments. Was awesome. I bet they followed him.

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When you name your kid "Jaxtyn," he's not going to have a lot of company.

American non-Muslim names are diversifying, while American Muslim names remain constant.

At some point, "Mohammed" will be the number one name in America because non-Muslims will be naming their boys "Cretacious," "Arf," "Bonaxin," and "Ffffffffffffffff."

This is the text suggestion I just got on Instagram. A little unexpected

This is a great little video of Billy Preston hamming it up on the B3. He does Summertime as Bach and as Ray Charles

Can't think of a keys player with more heart and prowess in popular music history.

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