Schiff’s got Inspector Jacques Clouseau on the case now 🤣🤣🤣


Click on the full picture.

There will never be a First Lady who has such class and grace again in my life time.

The smears thrown at this lady by the ‘woke’ left and she just struts it off with elegance and pride.

Love her 😍

(End) Work together, under God, stand with your flag, practice values and have good morals.

Be role models, support one another, help each other through our troubles and leave a legacy for others to follow.

We are getting the USA back thanks to an extrodinary group of people.

It is over to us all now to learn from all of this and to never let things get so bad again.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

I’ll leave you with smiles and pride.

(Part 10) The good guys and girls have not had their time in the spot light yet, most will not want it but Trump is a showman and will make them take it, some have had already had little snippets like the team being awarded by the DOJ. But their time will come.

In the mean time they stand tall and proud despite the cries of fear and doom they have done their jobs and done them well. They pat each other on the back, they support one another and they walk proudly for all of us to follow.

(Part 9) This picture is why we all need to have faith that we are in safe hands now and the good people are now in place. Yes there is much more to do but we are on the right tracks and must work together to keep the momentum going for all the sacrifices and hard work that these people have done for us.

Out of something truly horrible that should never have happened and no one should have experienced. Good prevailed over evil.

Accomplishing this was too much for Rod to hide.

(Part 8) Kavanugh was excellent the team had prepared and some how his family, friends and loved ones got though what was a truly horrific experience for them all.

Once again sly Rod the pantomime villain let his guard down.

This is my favourite picture of the day a very moving picture and it shows Rod very emotional and taking pride at the same time seeing a very good man fight for us all. You can see the sadness in him of what Kavanaugh is having to go though but is telling him to keep going

(Part 7) The team assembled to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court have all since been awarded.

This was the most important achievement of Trumps first term. What’s more, they all knew what was coming and so did Kavanugh.

Don McGhan is a fascinating character and he more than anyone carried the most stress that day other than Kavanaugh himself. The pain on his face from seeing what a good man was being dragged through was so easy to see for all.

(Part 6) Rod is normally very good at hiding his emotions and can keep a straight face. He has cracked twice since I have been watching him. He wobbled once and got angry during his hearing with the freedom caucus crew as he was getting pissed with them blaming him for everything FISA related and he was super nervous laying out the indictments against the Russians for the Mueller investigations his voice was very shakey indeed.

However even sly Rod was pissed during the Kavanaugh hearings.

(Part 5) It was then that I first started researching for myself about his career.

His place on Ken Starrs team. A team that found 11 crimes that were put forward against President Clinton.

It was during this time that I was shown this picture for the first time.

Rod Rosentein and Brett Kavanugh together. (Please see the link below for full details).

Kavanaugh lead investigations into Vince Foster and Rosenstein was investigating Bill and Hillary for Ken Starr...

(Part 4) Half way through one of the most remarkable speeches I have ever heard a bomb was dropped. Kavanugh said and I quote that this was “Revenge on behalf of the Clintons”

I couldn’t believe my ears he called them out by name, at the most sensitive time possible.

He picked out his attackers and named them. A lawyer, a very reputable lawyer, a judge, a judge being considered for the highest court in the land named the people responsible for this hit on live TV.

(Part 3) At the same time. Watching a man who was at the top of his career fight against the demonic cult that the Democratic Party have become showing pain, emotion and belief that good will overcome evil was spectacular.

His ability to pray for Dr Ford with his daughters was spell binding to hear. What made it so special was the sincerity in his voice, he genuinely wished her well and no harm.

What we were watching is what all of us must be prepared to do for our freedoms and way of life.

(Part 2) I had never seen anything like the Kavanugh hearings in my lifetime. I am not old enough to have seen the Clarence Thomas hearings.

To see a man be put through what Kavanaugh indured in front of his Wife, Daughters and his Parents was one of the most despicable acts I have ever witnessed. Grown adults knowingly accusing and allegeing obscene falsehoods at man with an exemplary record was spine chilling to watch. How could they do this whilst looking at this man with his family...

Thread (Part 1) The feeling of accomplishment and pride in your work.

A few toots about someone who a year ago (mainly thanks to Joe Di Genova) I thought was a scheming rat blackmailing and plotting to save the swamp.

I have just been looking at pictures from the Kavanaugh hearings and its remarkable to see in pictures the pressure that not just Kavanaugh went through but all of those around him who worked so hard to get him there.

How’s on earth has he been on point for so long. Trump is an oracle ... can’t believe Roberts would do this as a Chief Justice! Scalia’s son and Jeff Sessions will put the hammer to the nails in this fools coffin. Good riddance c/o FISA report...

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