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@Oceangirl —Quite detached. They’re on another planet.

“There’s a signpost ahead. Next stop: The Twilight Zone.”


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California is a scrawny skinny dog with a Hollywood diamond encrusted collar, feasted upon by govt union leeches, ticks, and fleas who profoundly claim to be saving the world.

The sucking shall continue until the blood transfusions from Aunt Pelosi and Uncle Joe run out, the bond market downgrades all state and muni bonds to junk, and the govt pension funds realize their obligations can't be met since their assets have flown off a cliff.

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It's this spirit that we can't afford to lose in our struggle against enemies - both foreign AND domestic.

A mask/shield combo to keep her children extra safe, but by all means take them on an airplane.

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Is it just me or does it look like the entire world is getting Big Fat Red-pilled?

As a figurative episode of The Apprentice, Trump goes first. He does what he does, then it's BidenCo's turn.

Less than sixth of the way into their allotted time and they've made a collosal mess of everything - to the point where the judges on his side are no longer the slightest bit enthusiastic, and can no longer help with all the hapless spin.

We are witnessing a tectonic shift.

In everything.

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My neighbor was in the US Army deployed to Afghanistan. She was seriously hurt and earned a Purple Heart for her sacrifice and valor. Today what she wrote on Facebook about her time there spent in vane. Today as she poured out her soul- I cried as I read her post. I sobbed as I read her written words. This piece of shit Democratic Party, led by fucking Captain Shit for Brains has got to go!!!

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Media: "What story?"

@Roncoleman: "🍿🍿🍿

>@redsteeze: 'We're suddenly going to be told that the son of a President dropping the n-word doesn't matter and it's going to be like watching a carnival ride spin off its axis and into a crowd in real time. It's going to be amazing. '"


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Stay tuned through Greta's melodramatic diatribe. The newscaster nails it.


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I've gotten the argument that we (conservatives) need to keep a voice over on Twitter.

The best thing conservatives can do for (to) Twitter is to just leave and let them have the leftist, twatwaffle bubble that they desire.

Leftists eat their own. But not so long as we keep offering ourselves as snacks. Stop giving them food. Eventually they'll be starved for negative attention and they'll turn on each other over pronouns, reparations, and wokehood.

Just stop Twatting.

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@ThomasWic @maynarddudley When he stops calling me a white supremacist I’ll stop mocking him.

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Youtube recommended this video, and it is hysterical. Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, etc from warner bros cartoons), Lucille Ball, Linda Darnell and a few others performing for GIs


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I'm LOVING the lib panic at the obvious hostility towards Mr. 81 Million Votes, the most popular President, like, ever.

They just have no answer to the deluge of dislikes raining down.

'Popularity is not judged by YT likes', they sniff.

Uh, hello? In 2021, it sure is.

And if Generalissimo Joe REALLY had 81 million votes, the 'likes' would be in the MILLIONS.

Well well well. America LIVES.

Turns out you can steal an election. But you can't steal respect.

Gotta EARN it.

Enjoy the show.

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I used to be addicted to Twitter.

Now that it's a ghost town I don't miss it at all.

I'm now addicted to QV, though, but it feels like a MUCH more healthy addiction!

Thank you @Debradelai!

And I'll be telling the bull balls joke from the latest Beard Blather to everyone I see.

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