When it seems that things are falling apart and the center is not holding, stop and listen to your own inner self.

Listen for a quiet voice amidst the chaos.

My guess is you'll calm down and realize what IS TRUE:

The best is yet to come.



Justice Thomas finds social media companies DO NOT have First Amendment right to ban PROTECTED SPEECH and Section 230 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Let the games begin!


Whether or not you believe that Donald Trump and/or Trump loyalists are in charge, I think it's easy to see that things don't look the way you'd expect if China Joe or his loyalists were in charge.

So I'm keeping a watchful eye on things, but I'm not worried as of now. I think between our allies, our people, and our tech, we've got this. The CCP has never won a shooting war, and I don't think they're going to start now.


The assault specialists were known as "shock troops."

This term was coined by the commander of the German flamethrower regiment.

Trump and his shock troops have bypassed the strong points, and the mopping-up troops are doing THEIR job.

When the consolidating troops make sure that the process is done, THEN we'll see the mother of all reveals.

The people who voted for Biden did so only out of an irrational hatred of Trump.

If you want to kill yourself, be my guest.

But when you become a risk to OTHERS, you have to be stopped.

I haven't been vaccinated. It's not that I refuse to be; it's that I don't see the need at this moment.

If my movements are restricted unless I get vaccinated, I'll do it.

And I'll get the @#$% on with my life.


The more people we vaccine, the more the virus will mutate to defeat the vaccine, until we're all dead.

He's lying.

The reason viruses mutate is to become LESS LETHAL

This is Virology 101.

Viruses exist to spread. If they kill their hosts, THEY DIE TOO.

So they mutate to allow the host to live.

When the host lives, the virus can spread.

The movie The Andromeda Strain explains it perfectly without explaining.

A satellite brings in an extraterrestrial virus. It kills everybody instantly.

3. It is difficult to describe the contempt I have for these criminals and the damage they've done.

They have put America in very dangerous territory and one hopes justice will eventually come to them.

They desperately wanted violence by Trump's crowd and they never got it.

Now they are on their own.

History shows how unsustainable China Joe & Co's position is.

They should step down but won't.

It won't end well for any of them.

The end.

1. The CCP humiliates the US.

On US soil.

Biden's idiot Blinken was sweating and stammering like a panicked schoolboy as the Chinese diplomat went to town on him, wasn't he?

What a beatdown. Wow.

As for Jake Sullivan, no comment. A more farcical figure would he hard to find in the history of The Republic. A total and utter joke.


When I walked into to work and held up my hand to explain the administrator screamed.

It was the first time I saw that two of my fingers were sticking out in impossible directions!

And it's also when the pain began to finally KICK IN LIKE A BITCH!

I went white-green in the face. Two school parking attendants raced me to a clinic.

$4, x-ray, $20, cast and pain meds.

And a great memory of probably the best sniff kisses I would ever get, next to my wife's, of my life.



The country is in a state of flux, but IT HAD TO HAPPEN.

We're a work in progress.

The best is yet to come.


He's REAMING everyone who voted for him.

This is why I'm totally indifferent to the notion of racism.

Trying living in Japan, kids.

ASIAN country.

You Asians, blacks, and Hispanics think you've experienced racism?


You're pitiful.

Not interested. Go bitch to someone who cares. Then hold out you hand and shout,m "Gimmie money!"

If they're leftist, they will.

And by mass shootings, I mean classic stranger-on-stranger crimes.

Someone snaps and goes out and guns down people who had nothing to do with anything.

So I'm not buying the "surge" in "hate crimes" against Asians.

We DO know that leftist academia discriminates against Asians.

And yet Asians vote Democrat.

So Trump is letting Democrat voters get what they voted for.

Sure, the election was STOLEN, but let's say for the sake of argument that Joe won fair and square.

So far, I haven't heard a word from Bidet about cutting defense spending.

Have you?

The mainstream media is imploding, due to Trump's absence.

That's ANOTHER part of this all-encompassing plan.

The campaign is operating in ALL realms.

Trump's brilliance is showing people that they want him after all.

When the time is right, he'll have enough support to reveal everything.

Don't think for a SECOND that Trump is sitting back and relaxing.

Creepy still shot from the green screen Biden video. Biden's hand appears to be partially inside the mic. Also, Biden wears a light summer suit, but everyone else is bundled up as if it's near-freezing.


Excellent thread! “Just a landscaper”? You are also a great weaver of threads. Bravo.


It APPEARS that the mics were added in post-production.

Twice, the mics are moved past his hands and close to his body, which is not necessary to catch his voice.

Biden was there, but the mics weren't.

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