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While I am at it.
I love Melania. Her spirit in spite of the BS.

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If you have not got your Q.V. on you should because something is going on around here., some chick missed a few obelisks?
JS. Not her obelisks? Am I right?

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Send one up, things are very precarious.
Thanks. 🙏

*But, still the most awesome vlog I have seen to date. Directions to part 1.
You knew I would.

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@dw They are showing solidarity with the rioters, looters and vandals, otherwise they would be in town with a megaphone like Terrence Floyd, pleading for the protests to really be peaceful.

Let's believe we will all make it over the rocks and dirt being thrown right now in the USA.

Sometimes reading more than speaking helps as well. Saw too much ugly to be able to watch anymore rioting. Hope it all calms the f*ck down already.
There's always a little hope.
Always. Being still just thought someone might like it.

Official punch out.
Thought this is supposed to be a day of rest. 🙄🙃

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.