Then we all climbed into the non -seatbelt vehicle for ice cream and all survived! Imagine that.

Q.V. quizz time. No extra points or scores for remembering being a human remote ( change the channel kid ) and rabbit ear wiggler. . Good times! I sent this to my gentleman friend! Come on ... you laughed! He did too! Good thing he gets muh silly. Night y'all.

Tucker and Drudge are not helping with the UFO questions BTW. JS!
To tinfoil or not to tinfoil? That is the question! 😱😹

Stay away from area 51 ya weirdos! Advice from Chad!
The message does not get out until you log off and make it happen. Good thing so far it is. Kag2020. Dunno, only two countries I can think of founded in God's name written in "The Bible", one starts with I the other with U.

Y'all do know that she struggled with fame, drugs ext right? Imagine trying to do that with none of the above? Welcome to the real OpiodCrisis.
Why this song? Because they even come to the very famous. There's always hope!

Q.V. is guitar and banjo. Thanks for the follows each and every one of y'all.

Tough love does not work. Soul sucking drug. You hang around encouraging any sign of improvement. It is what it is. Thank Jesus for @ POTUS. There's a lot of dissaliusioned thinking it's a character flaw. It's not.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.