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Conservatives have spent so many decades walking on eggshells, lest we offend the left, that we have completely forgotten how to fight. Trump is miraculously transforming us into the fighters we need to be to retake our country. This is a war of information, ideas, and values and we cannot afford to lose.

Trump is the master. We are the students. We'd best pay attention.

I am redeemed. I got a surprise today.

A brand new DeLonghi espresso machine, and a proper coffee grinder.

Just stumbled across this quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

For those that don't know of him, he was known for his staunch resistance to the Nazi dictatorship, including vocal opposition to Hitler's euthanasia program and genocidal persecution of the Jews. He was arrested in April 1943 by the Gestapo and after imprisonment, hung in 1945.

Seems all the more fitting today, all things considered...

Mayor Bowser allows the BLM street graffiti to stay on but orders the immediate scrubbing "Cuba Libre" off the street.

It's like the Democrats are really working hard to piss away the latino vote.

@ScottAdamsSays: "If no court has found anyone guilty of insurrection, can we call the news reports on insurrection 'The Big Lie'?"

@PandaTribune: "It seems notable that... although taking part in an insurrection &/or attempting a coup are criminal offenses... NO ONE has been charged w/ either of those crimes... despite the super duper trustworthy social media sanctioned 'news reporters' insisting that those crimes occurred."

(H/T @ScottAdamsSays RT )

Let's call the 2020 election a pyrrhic victory.

Despite taking an L, we got to see what the Democrats truly are in their victory.

Vindictive, stupid, and continually on the lookout for whoever pissed in their corn flakes...

Despite the fact we all saw them take their cereal bowl in the bathroom with them.

I'd rather make their lives miserable than fight with y'all.

Isn't that more fun anyway?


As the months go by, I don't expect a "do-over" election, and the way the Federal government is right now, with Tweedledum and Tweedledumbass in the White House, maybe the best thing that can happen is we let this keep driving down the road to the midterms.

In sports, even though you have wins and losses, you do have some games where one team truly wins, and it's not the fault of the losing team, but you have others where one team truly loses, no matter how many fuckups the winners make.


So, keeping the main things the main things:

1. The solution for problems caused by government is not more government.

2. Even if the audits reveal levels of cheating that are so spectacular in their breadth and scope that it delegitimizes every elected office in the land, the best remedy for it is to get involved, WITHIN the law, and change things so it doesn't happen again.

3. There is always hope, but... Have your bullshit detector handy.


So, I've seen a lot of infighting on here the last few days, especially among some of the more prominent names on here.

I get it. We're not going to agree on everything, every time, and some people on here push the improbable, and others believe because it is improbable, it's impossible.

Let's agree to agree on some things, the rest, fuck it, argue with me, call me names, insult what's between my legs if it makes you feel good, I don't care.


Tell me you stole an election without saying you stole an election, Mr 80 million votes🤣🤣🤣

“Joe Biden’s bumbling appearance at a CNN town hall event in Ohio on Wednesday failed to attract enough viewers to make it competitive with a normal evening at Fox News”

Last night Gutfeld, in a recap of all the insane misstatements by the imposter in his CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night, said he remembers when President Trump had a typo.

Gutfeld makes me laugh so hard sometimes. It reminded me of the covfefe tweet and how the left and the other fascists in the MSM totally lost their mind. But now the imposter babbles all this nonsense and all we hear from them is crickets!!!!

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