RECAP | JOURNALISM ON TRIAL | Democracy Partners v. Project Veritas Action, Project Veritas et al
James O'Keefe and the Project Veritas Action team discuss how the jury REFUSED to award damages against Project Veritas Action and the Judge’s REPEATED instructions to decide on an amount for damages, the Judge's reference to the KKK and MORE during the intense week of the long-awaited trial.


An off-duty Massachusetts National Guard member aggressively confronted a tour bus full of senior citizens thinking they were migrants

Thinking it was another present by FL Gov. DeSantis, this Dunderhead chased a tour bus full of senior citizens for miles before catching up to them at their Hotel and going after the bus driver..

With luck, this moron will be drummed out of the Reserves or at least properly disciplined..

Dehumanization: Angry Liberal Shocked He's Arrested for Killing Young Republican with His Car
Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel


47 charged in alleged $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud scheme

So this gang of Somalis came up with this scheme which managed to pilfer over $250M in just under 2 years by defrauding the Government’s Child Nutrition program…one of the many plans in which the Feds hand out cash under the auspice of feeding the swaths of Oliver Twists out there..

Here’s a f*cking hint to the do-gooders in DC so this doesn’t happen again - STOP GIVING AWAY TAXPAYER $$$$.

Trump Hasn’t Proven He Declassified Records Seized From Mar-a-Lago, DOJ Tells Appeals Court

1. Did Trump have the authority to declassify the documents in dispute?
2. If he says he declassified said documents? Why wouldn't they be declassified?
3. How has the govt behaved in other classified document disputes? The same? If not, why not?

Charles "Zeke" Goldblum was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man with garden shears in a parking garage in downtown Pittsburgh and later trying to hire a hitman to kill his accomplice in the brutal murder. As lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, Senate hopeful John Fetterman voted to set Goldblum free in 2019 and said he was "happy" when the killer was released from prison last year.

@johncardillo: "Just got a cease and desist letter from demons and vampires for comparing them to Democrats."

Susan Bassi on the topic of judicial accountability.

Cell Phone Judge on Police Officer Body Cam

NSA Analysts Tried to Issue an Alert Before 9/11 and It Was Stopped "For Some Reason" (2018)

Remember Jussie talking to the police in his apartment with the rope still hanging from his neck TWO HOURS after his MAGA attack?

The FBI photo of Trump's classified documents has the same phony stench. IMO.

The USDA has stopped providing export data.

They declined to indicate why.

They neglected to provide a timeline for when this may be available again.

Regardless of the presumably forthcoming excuse, this is effectively an act of warfare as markets (domestic AND foreign) are now blind to what is going/coming from the US.

UPDATE: they now indicate there is an issue migrating to a new reporting system that should be resolved by mid september. Interesting date given futures contracts…

Prepare Your Stormtroopers, Lord Vader

"Blood-red walls, military figures with their faces in the shadows, the Great Leader framed and backdropped by symbols of his power:

A movie about a conciliator seeking peace and calm? Or something else?"

Yuval Harari echoes the WEF claims that meat is “unsustainable” and we must end farming and ranching:

Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, described “cultured meat” synthesized in laboratories as more “ecological” and “ethical” than meat from animal husbandry and slaughter.

@masterblaster —Lisa Boothe is 100% correct.

Nothing ‘nice’ or ‘good’ with basically calling your political opponents racist and fascistic monsters.

Nothing at all.

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