The company has been in New England since its founding in 1852, but Massachusetts' strict gun laws are at least partly to blame for their exodus:

The gunmaker had been located in Springfield, Massachusetts, since the mid-19th century, but company officials have said legislative proposals in that state would prohibit them from manufacturing certain weapons. Massachusetts is known to have some of the country’s strictest gun laws.

Vote Blue….

@DonaldJTrumpJr: "Yea, but Mar-a-Lago with 10X the land, ocean frontage, & one of the most spectacular homes in the world on it is worth only $18 million because a judge wants it to be so for his narrative.

Our legal system has been commandeered by radicals hell bent on destroying America!"

Wow, was this just HARRP in Action over Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.

First a temperature drop of 30°!

Then, a huge down burst of a hot energy blast that vaporizers the rain and elevates the temperature by 10° in 10 minutes!

Not a nut, just an engineer!

Something smells!

Hurricane Hilary?

Has the door been opened to charge Hillary with a RICO case?

@elonmusk: "Provided there is no serious launch anomaly, SpaceX will deliver 80% of Earth’s payload to orbit this year.

Not counting Starship.

>@SciGuySpace: 'SpaceX’s three main competitors in Russia, Europe, and the United States have launched three rockets in 2023. SpaceX just launched three missions in three days.' "

I hear his name is in the the hat for Employee of the Year. I think he's going win it.👌

@EndWokeness: "Every single House Democrat just voted to keep funding for 87k new IRS agents

This is a stadium with 87k people: [image]"

@ClayTravis: "This is absolutely staggering to read. The @fbi had 80 agents monitoring @Twitter and was regularly demanding accounts, which were often sharing satire and jokes they didn’t like, be shut down. Twitter was effectively an agent of the FBI."

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.