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I've never seen so many such videos.

Most are FAR worse.

This is without question a coordinated campaign.

As you say, the goal is to make the races hate each other.


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For @baldilocks

I don't know if you've noticed, but both sides of the political aisle are posting video that show black Americans in the worst possible light.

No gore in this video.

Google official: Don’t break us up; Smaller companies can’t prevent ‘next Trump situation’

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@EarlThePearls @BarleyMalt
Google, the people that ARE Google, need to be taken out. As in rendered ineffective, useless, neutered.

A dumbass standing in front of a group of people admitting that they can't let something like 2016 happen again really sets that course, doesn't it?

President Trump accused Joe Biden of lying when he said he “asked Obama not to endorse” his campaign.

The president said “there has to be some reason” why Obama has chosen not to endorse Biden.

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@NevadaJack So, a bunch of has-beens and B-Listers, as we say in Hollywood, lol

I suspect that most of them don't apply for asylum because they know they don't have a legitimate reason and will be rejected so they try to bluff their way in at the border.

The former Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 criticized Eric Swalwell for a Saturday tweet that expressed support for immigrant families separated at the border.

Swalwell tweeted, "To Immigrant families: We see you, we are here for you and we will not stop fighting for you. Families belong together. Period."

Former SEAL Robert J. O'Neill responded by correcting Swalwell, "You spelled 'Homeless Veterans' wrong."

President Trump signed an executive order to to improve the price and quality transparency in health care.

According to the president, patients deserve to know the cost of health care procedures before they receive treatment.

President Trump made the right decision when he called off a retaliatory strike against Iran, according to Rand Paul.

The president is proving himself to be a responsible leader by trying to prevent America from becoming mired in a new Middle East military conflict, the lawmaker claimed today.

President Trump:

"Today's landmark healthcare action continues my mission to put American patients first.

We believe the American people have the right to know the price of services before they go to visit the doctor!"

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@NevadaJack From the annals of Pickled Pelosi: "Beam me up, Scotchy".

President Trump:

"Together, we stared down a corrupt and broken political establishment, and we restored government of, by, and for the people.

Our country is now thriving, prospering, and booming and, frankly, it’s SOARING to incredible new heights.

Our economy is the envy of the world, perhaps the GREATEST economy we’ve had in the history of our country."

UK Marines With Swastikas Take Part In NATO’ BALTOPS Exercise To ‘Counter Russia’.

BALTOPS, the 12-day, 18-nation naval military drill, led by the US Navy’s 2nd Fleet concluded on June 21st in Kiel, Germany.

The 47th annual Baltic Operations [BALTOPS] involved NATO allies 8,600 personnel in training “enhancing flexibility and interoperability among allied and partner nations,” a Navy statement said.

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You guys at the NYT make your entire bread and butter off of quoting people anonymously where we can’t see or hear their voices, or any context at all. Now you’re calling an interview with whistleblower risking his career “contextless?”

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I know, I'm in awe sometimes when I think about it...we get to be alive while Trump is President and he is MAGA. 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇺🇸

The Russian Defence Ministry will introduce the nation's newest anti-aircraft missile system "Sosna" into service, according to a source in the press service of the holding Vysokotochnye Kompleksy, part of the state corporation Rostec.

The Sosna missile system was designed to protect troops from aircraft attacks and aerial reconnaissance.

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