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I could definitely see that happening...wtf is it that would make any member of the armed forces side with Obama, it's not like he did anything for the military..

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And what’s the size of Italy? 116k sq miles, just over the size of NY State squared. That’s a big concentration of boars.

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>> It would be interesting to understand what Green did to become the "top Navy Seal"? How many others associated with him have lost sight of the mission???

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Hahaha! Right?! Exactly!!

Meanwhile, his own attorney's firm has Burisma ties.
You cannot make this sh*t up.

And if I tried to sell the story for a screenplay, they'd tell me, "not believable."


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Retraction from an opinion show? Never happening.

My opinion is Burisma is paying the bills for Vindman via their money laundering operations.

He is a double agent for the Russians.


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Sorry, he doesn't get to do that.
That's not how this works.

Because if that was "how this works," MSM would be forced to spend half its air time retracting lies.

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BREAKING: Vindman's lawyer sends letter to Fox News requesting retraction

An attorney representing Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is demanding Fox News retract a segment that aired on the “Ingraham Angle” that suggested Vindman may have committed treason.


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If Trump were to not respond, the door would be wide open to other members of the resistance to cause more Havoc.

I predict he won't let that slide.

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@NevadaJack ha! I can just imagine that! That would be too funny to see the looks on their faces.

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Can a day one recruit tell a General to go fuck himself? Trump is Commander in Chief. Green is green.


Sorry, I read the article too but not as far as you did.

FYI, the 10K is for Italy.

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From the Chronicles of Joe Biden's Debate: talking about domestic abuse:

"We have to keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it."

He actually said that. Intervention is required. This is terrible.


Can Green negate Trump's restoring Gallagher's rank?

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Green is an Obama guy.

The SEALs have decayed incredibly, which is why Trump used the Delta Force to get Baghdadi.

There was a real danger that Green would blow the mission because he hates Trump.

First lady Melania met with singer-songwriter Billy Ray Cyrus as part of her “Be Best” public awareness campaign to improve the mental and physical well-being of kids across the country.

Part of the campaign centers on fighting cyberbullying, and that in fact happened to be the key subject matter of discussion during the memorable meeting.

After the meeting, Cyrus thanked the first lady for her “sincerity” and praised the “ideas” and “strategy” she’s pursuing to make the world a better place.

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Dang. 10k car accidents a year that are related to boars. Seems all the herds in Italy got wind of the powder and made their way over there. 10k accidents caused by boars. Hard to imagine.

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