The President and First Lady paid respects to Justice Stevens today.

A former Navy SEAL climbed a flag pole to reattach an American flag.

A Trump supporter says that he captured a 20-year-old woman vandalizing his Trump 2020 sign, but what really tipped off the cops to identify her was that she abandoned her car nearby.

George Bentley said that he had put up a barbed wire fence in order to protect the sign he erected for the president's re-election campaign.

The woman had driven through the fence and got stuck.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on health care at East Los Angeles College today and made sure to take the opportunity to promote abortion provider Planned Parenthood while attacking Republicans.

Claiming she didn’t want to be a “fear-monger,” the Democratic leader proceeded to be just that as she called conservative bans on abortion — or as Pelosi states, a “women’s right to choose” — “scary” and “really dangerous.”

This is one thing that President Trump can "tax" or curtail.

By mid-July, more than half of the ships of the US Navy are either deployed to various locations around the oceans or are underway to be deployed.

At the same time, there are six carrier assault groups deployed in the sea at the same time, taking into account the two deployed in forward basing.

Kuwait Airways B747 upper deck door escape slide operational test in slow motion.

President Trump on Facebook:

Looking forward to a big rally in the Great State of Ohio on Thursday, August 1st!

RSVP here:

Here's another video of President Trump crashing a wedding at his golf club this weekend.

President Trump: ‘Mainstream Media is out of control,’ They ‘Constantly Lie’

Twitter introduced their "new look" today.

It looks weird to me.

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