Look for Jim Acosta, third clown in the second row.


I'm doing fairly well but I'm far from 100%. I don't get my cast off until next Wed. and then I have therapy. I've also been cutting back on the pain pills.


Good progress, it sounds like. I know you know how much we have all held you in our thoughts and active prayers for a best recovery.


You're welcome. I couldn't resist posting it even though I'm still one handed. My comeback will be slow.


McNaughton is pretty clever.

I had missed the monkey and now I see Emmitt Kelly beside him.


Welcome home, friend! Missed you! How's that thumb (?) doing? So glad you're back!


Thank you. I'm not back full time yet because I still have to wear this cast for five more days. After that I'll have therapy because my thumb and wrist will be "frozen" after being immobilized for six weeks. I'm really looking forward to getting back to normal.


So glad you can see light at the end of the tunnel, Jack!! It's definitely a process. You've got this!! 🙏🏻❤👍



Thanks. I'm really looking forward to being pain free.

@NevadaJack @2020_DJT keep working it...it will come back, but it’s tough. Hopefully you’ll have a good Occupational therapist. I had one with a silicone bead bath...that was fantastic.

@NevadaJack @2020_DJT

Wearing a cast is a bummer! You’ll be back in fine form soon. Take care.

@NevadaJack That's literally my favorite part of this painting. 😂

I think Acosta has a tear running down his cheek. Perfect, lol.


Hey stranger, welcome back. Hope your hands doing well.


Thanks. I get the cast off next Wed. I hope to get back to normal soon after.

@NevadaJack i LOVE this!!..and welcome "home", we missed you..hows the thumb?


Thank you.

The thumb is getting better and I get my cast off this Wed. After some rehab, I'll be back to normal. I'm looking forward to being pain free.

@NevadaJack Thats awesome news! I''ll be glad when this is all behind you my friend.☺️ ❤️

@NevadaJack @Dawnz
🙏...can't wait till you're better Jack...that's a fact Jack..

@NevadaJack @MEMA
Hey, it’s good to ‘see’ you again!
The Quodfam missed you!


Missed you, glad to hear of your continuing progress.

@NevadaJack. I've missed you being here! Prayers for a speedy recovery sir.🙏❤

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