Laura Ingraham tweeted:

Parade of fools “getting their steps in.” Nancy should at least make it more entertaining and twirl a baton in front.

@JM @NevadaJack

Truly guffawing. Clever baton comment! See the gif a few comments after Laura Ingraham's tweet on Twitter--the goose stepping sheep herder? So apropos.

Nutty Nancy deserves it all.

@TheMusicMan @NevadaJack
🤔Now that I can see their faces better...I recognize them easily...😂


They remind me of Batman villains.

The cameras in the Senate chamber should be tilted, just like they were in the old Batman TV show, during scenes in the crooks' hideout.

It is the Bumbling Brothers - Vodka and Baileys Circus (Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi)

@NevadaJack I can see and hear my old CSM, hopping sideways beside them screaming
"Get it together FFS, left, left, left right left,,,,,,

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