Brian's latest thread.

"It’s public knowledge the Obama administration tipped off Iran that Israel was about to whack Soleimani.

Kerry was meeting in France with top Iranian officials yet again just a few weeks ago.

Trump was 100% correct and right not to tell Congress in advance."

@NevadaJack Any Intel about the topics of discussion between Kerry and the Iranians? I ask due to my continued work on the Robert Levinson case. IMO Kerry has ensured Bob has not been released.

@NevadaJack SQV has the best
and most formidable journalists
RIGHT HERE!! @drawandstrike
this is an incredible thread, and
when you write that President
Trump does not think small,
it hammers that point home to
me again. PDJT is unlike any
leader anywhere in this world,
and at times I have to be
reminded of that! Thank you!

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