Jon McNaughton's latest painting

Behind closed doors the Democrats scheme and plot to take down Trump.

How many new lies will be manufactured in an attempt to smear the President, to further their impeachment campaign against him?

Who will be the next Democratic nominee for President and what will they do to get there?

No matter how much they lie, cheat, and steal for the presidency, they cannot fool the American people.


Yes, great catch. Booker slipping buttguy an Ace...Biden's arm around Kamala... 😂


@kbrendell @Wrc @JM @NevadaJack President Trump’s portrait looks like he’s winking and love the little smiling dog who sees Buttigieg cheating!

@kbrendell @Wrc @JM @NevadaJack

Same goes for Horizontal Harris, Confiscate Your Guns Beto, Spartacus Booker, & the rest of the Marxist lunatics.

@JM @Wrc @NevadaJack

Or like "The Quick and the Dead"
5 minutes till High Noon.

@NevadaJack I love the “man hands” he gave Knee Pads... and did ya see the triangle with the eye? Great painting. I’m going to have to look more. Lots of things here.

@Ballerina @NevadaJack The ’man hands’ had me rolling. There was a running joke about Jane Leeves character having ’man hands’ and that's all I could think about. 😂


Jon McNaughton is the fine artist of our time.


I agree. I love everything he has done. When I get my den finished I'm going to buy a couple to hang in there.


Someone said "Notice the time on the clock, appears to be 11:03 aka, election day." but I think they're wrong.

Someone else said "Time's running out, it's 5 mins to midnight".


That's what I see too. I started looking for another clock or timepiece.

Now I see it. Good eye. I have no idea why it's there either but it must mean something.

@WarriorPoet @Seedsaver

@NevadaJack @Seedsaver
Might just be whatever satanic type symbols the artist could come up with.

@macoman4u1 @NevadaJack @Seedsaver
Being an artist myself don't think for a second that that is entirely too far-fetched.

@WarriorPoet @macoman4u1 @NevadaJack @Seedsaver

This painting on the left looks like hunters wearing camouflage, maybe in a boat.

@JustDJ @WarriorPoet @macoman4u1 @Seedsaver

Check out McNaughton's website. That is one of his paintings of trump and his team crossing the Potomac reenacting Washington Crossing the Delaware. It's a real cool painting.

@kbrendell @macoman4u1 @NevadaJack @WarriorPoet @Seedsaver the slip of the ace is a perfect example of the corruption in socialism. Only the people at the top win.

@kbrendell @Dubby @macoman4u1 @NevadaJack @WarriorPoet @Seedsaver

Thanks for sharing - interesting
and I may be able to use this for future trivia games! 😊

@NevadaJack @Seedsaver
Looks like a god's-eye a triangle and a rooster. On the other side there is a satanic star and what might be a Syrian bull can't tell what the third thing is

@WarriorPoet @NevadaJack

On the clock, isn't the minute hand on a second 12? XII and XII

This reminds me of those hidden pictures in the Highlights magazine.

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