I have high cholesterol and my doctor has me on statins.

This article gives me hope.

Higher Cholesterol Is Associated With Longer Life

by P.D. Mangan

"Is it possible that mainstream medicine got cholesterol all wrong?

That not only does cholesterol have no connection to heart disease, but that high cholesterol is actually a good thing?

Yes, it’s more than possible — here I’ll show some evidence that higher cholesterol is associated with longer life."


Hello Jack

I never liked the side effects of statins on my patients and friends. I did my own survey of people with high cholesterol and I think they have higher intelligence. Cholesterol protects the muscles and nerves for proper functioning


I've had side effects from some of the different statins I've taken and some of them were due to incorrect dosages.


I’m sorry to hear that but it’s common to have various side effects. My husband had a heart attack a few years ago and is on them. He has the usual acheyness that accompanies taking them.


Statins block necessary nutrients your heart needs


My doctor wanted me to take statins...after doing some of my own research, I refused.


I’ve had some issues with irregular heartbeat and had a catheterization..It showed no considerable blockage in my arteries.

Currently, I’m not taking any medication for my high cholesterol


I'm sure you'll be fine. You probably have high HDL, which is good.


I’ve had some pretty interesting health issues.

At the age of 38, I had 2 have cataract surgery on both of my eyes...I believe that was the result of extreme hyperthyroidism & not wearing sunglasses for most of my younger years.
My thyroid doctor wanted me to irradiate my thyroid, I refused. The medicine I was taking was keeping my thyroid under control & it only cost about 10.00 a month. He persisted, I resisted
Within 5 years I no longer needed any meds & my thyroid is normal


That's great that you were able to get it back to normal without extreme measures.


My doctor said “your thyroid is burning itself out” and that it was heading towards hypothyroidism...that was about 8 yrs ago.

My thyroid is still within the normal range


He was a highly respected endocrinologist and I respected him but, I refuse to be blindly excepting of any recommendations when it comes to my health.

Sadly, he passed away a few years back.

I stopped going altogether years ago. My primary tests my thyroid when needed.

@NevadaJack @Erin Hope you don’t mind me butting in, but if you are concerned , you can take red yeast rice. It will help lower cholesterol without the horrible side effects.

I've read about that. Apparently it contains a naturally occurring statin.

@NothingtoChere @Erin

@NothingtoChere @NevadaJack @Erin

Thanks for that! I am looking for something to help with cholesterol too :)

@Erin @NothingtoChere @NevadaJack

Thank you!! Just ordered it. I noticed that unlike the other similar products on Amazon, it had no warning information was was nice :)


These have been proven to be more effective than statins. 3 of each per day keeps the statins away. Works for me.

@NevadaJack Ive been reading about statins for years because so many of my friends suffered terrible side effects. Keep educating are on the right path.

@NevadaJack I have a daughter who is an MD. She told me that Metamucil should always be the first choice in lowering cholesterol, not statins.

@NevadaJack I've had high cholesterol for years and never been on meds. My good cholesterol is very high. Also, I am a woman so its different for us. The cholesterol hoax is just that, a hoax.


Thanks for the article. I look forward to reading it. Maybe I will be able to get off of my own medication.

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