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Then they flew it BY COMMITTEE to Australia.

None of them had ever flown before.

But they'd all talked to pilots. So they cobbled together A PILOT from their shared knowledge.

They took off, navigated to Australia, and landed. Safely.

Wouldn't that make a great movie?

A war movie with no blood. No preaching. Just celebration of the will to overcome.


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Late Thread on a Story that's bothered me since August of last year when the Dashcam video was released.
TDS is Killing People now.

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Why are people recommending this?

The Democrats have said they're going to impeach again and again and again.

There's only one way to make sure this never happens again, and that's for Trump to take the stand and unload material he declassified for the trial.

Dismissing the charges sets a precedent and allows the Democrats to avoid paying a price.

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Trump has tricked Congress into accidentally doing its job.

It was easy to do. These people never watch videos from the region, so they have no idea what's happening.

Trump is FURTHER fooling the world with this:

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Pompeo explained in plain language what's happening in North Korea:

Kim Jong-un has agreed to denuclearize, which he's doing slowly and carefully.

And Pompeo said that this is all we want. If they denuclearize, we'll help them rebuild.

He's NOT pointing out the obvious, that Kim is abolishing his police state step by step.

Kim has massive firepower on his side. Not ours.

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We're taking back our country and returning power back to the people. We're going to keep fighting and keep on winning, winning, winning.

We are one movement, one family and one glorious nation under God. We are thriving like never before and ladies and gentlemen of Ohio, the best is yet to come!

Thank you Toledo, thank you!

and he's done.


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I've created a donation
& am asking for your assistance in increasing 's Digital Footprint.
Donations allow me to focus more TIME creating content & commentary on the happening all around us.

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@ThomasWic Lord God I pray give Pres Trump Your wisdom. Guide him to Your will for USA & Middle East. I pray for peace of Israel.

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A thread on Fake News MSM rushing to provide life support for Iran's regime following the killing of Soleimani.

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Now for Svengali Trump's latest magic trick...

Making Democrats and the media support Iran and terrorists.

Mind control at its finest.

My article in American Thinker today.

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Perfect to link responses to the genesis of the Iran Nightmare, beyond the mullahs next move.

Talk about Long Game revenge/vindication, served symbolically and ICE COLD.

"Hey, Mullahs, how about a nice game of 52 card pickup?"

* I'm not Jimmy Carter
* We have not forgotten
* You got away with nothing

Pure aggressors risk loss of the moral argument, but counter-punchers are understood, even grudgingly, by everyone but Democrats.

Advantage Trump: He's ALWAYS a counter-puncher.

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