It’s starting to feel like there is an agenda to create a similar mortgage crises as in the Obama years when mtg co’s were forced to lend money to people who couldn’t pay but this is worse, its allowing people who can pay rent to landlords but chose not to even before the covid eviction moratoriums and now moratoriums are lifted in my state but the courts keep granting continuances as the debt grows for renters just working the system

The little ways power is taken from
we the people, my insurance co. “does not allow” me to get my prescriptions from my local pharmacy if their mail order pharmacy can fill it. My policy “does not allow” me to opt out of using their mail order pharmacy. If I want to use my local pharmacy it has to be w/o using my insurance and the cost is really, really no REALLY high. Figuring out the process/channels to fight/change this is a PITA but it can’t stand.

In keeping w/pharmacy topics- when Pres. Trump took office he immediately stopped insurance companies from being able to add on a $1. HIDDEN surcharge payable to them & added on to every script filled. Revealing the surcharge was prohibited by law. That is a lot of $$$.


So great to hear from you!! God's got this.
Hang tight, brother.
You're being lifted up.


When I started to delve deeper into Nextdoor “brought to you from your neighbors in San Francisco” shouldn’t have surprised me. It seems so innocent, only neighbors living in neighborhood have access, a neighbor invites you, using real names etc. but once you read all the terms, guidelines etc., & it is bad, very bad.

If you’re on Nextdoor & haven’t done so I suggest reading the Membership Agreement, Guidelines, Terms of Service, their use of unvetted neighborhood volunteers called “leads” & all the links for more info. I was so disturbed/alarmed by what I read I chose to delete my account which it turns out is not easy. Delete not deactivate requires sending a request to “the team” asking to delete. Nextdoor should be called Backdoor into all your servers, censorship using volunteers in each neighborhood AND

I’m so sad a stately Ash tree on my farm has succumbed to Emerald Ash borer. I can document it’s age to be at least 107 but growth rings & anomalies coinciding w/weather events could put it at 120 years old. We first saw this tree was being attacked about 3 yrs ago & we did what we could to try to save it but we failed. Tree is down, bugs were inside the bark right down to the ground. It sat at the end of a stone wall w/hickories & shagbarks shading the final resting spot of my dogs passed on.

@rosemaxx7 thnx for tooting about bullet setback. I had actually wondered about any possible effects from chambering & clearing regularly but something such as bullet setback hadn’t occurred to me. Thank you very much for posting that video it was very informative.

I lasted 11 minutes on the American Farmland Trust phone call on America Rescue Plan w/ guest “current” Sec Vislak- God help us, I thought these people were gone, 8 years under Obama was enough. Right from the start the “plan” & “discussion” was framed as white farmer v black farmer & white farmers got more help during pandemic. Wth. I’m so pissed right now I could spit nails.

H/T Jack Prosobiec

Polish pastor with balls in Calgary throws out police who were trying to shut down his church.

Expect to see a lot more of this in a shit show clown theater near you.

The Easter Bunny is real 😉 just before dawn one of the outdoor cameras alerted me to animal movement outside the paddocks and well this just cracked me up.
For some reason tonight I thought about a line from Hollywood Nights, that got me thinking & I just now realize the amount of Bob Seger songs that were running in the background of important times in my life like soundtrack. How could I not have noticed before and why notice now ?

Now that we are seeing more reports and studies by medical experts showing that Hydroxichloriquin acts as both a vaccine and a cure is that being offered at all as an option on the vaccine menu for people ?

I’ve always been naturally aware of details and nuance, mainly for preservation. That has been honed by studying linguistics, statement analysis and art, where layers of looking are expressed.

As a horse person I was taught to notice “what happens, before what happens, happens”.

Communication within the herd can be subtle almost imperceptible at times but it’s there and at other times it is unseen but felt on a current that runs within the herd.

I figured I should change my profile pic. I think @EarlThePearls might’ve called me son 😂 😂
BTW I’m the one in the brown jacket 😉

@ghostofColGlover @likeafox @YoungBlood @oystergirl

@timr brought up this neat trick so people don't have to get pissy:

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Toot 3 - so what other drugs does Walmart manufacture, why do pharmacists not know what is available that Walmart is selling etc.
I only found out this was an option because I came across that one pharmacy worker who was trying to help me find the most common insulin which drugstores did not typically keep on hand because of shelf life & need for refrigeration but Walmart always has it on hand. END

Toot 2 - it cost me 25. for 2 months of insulin from Walmart’s own pharmacy manufacturing. I showed it to my pharmacy, confirmed it was the same thing, pharmacist could not believe the price, she said she couldn’t match it. She had no idea Walmart had a drug manufacturing plant. My veterinarian confirmed it was the same human grade insulin & she had no idea Walmart manufactured drugs or that this was available ostensibly for humans to have access to inexpensive drugs w/o script just 1 4 needles

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