My point is he is doing it his way. The first thing that MUST happen is the emasculation of the media before the light of truth has a chance at all.

If the media persists as it has, nothing will happen to anyone brought up on charges because they will and have tainted the jury pool.

Truth must reign free FIRST.

Trust in The Boss and be of good cheer.

Turkey has essentially annexed northwest Syria.

Then on January 1, 2019, HTS launched 21 simultaneously ground offensives and utterly destroyed the NFL.

The Turkish-backed Islamists in northwestern Syria were killed almost to a man.

This is the convoy of Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, one of the most savage Islamist groups.

Their convoy was stopped from the air, and they were all killed as they tried to run to Afrin.


Not being on Twitter anymore (my stress levels have been so much lower) I had to find out about the "Delete Facebook" trend from OANN.

It looks to me like we might be seeing the beginning of the cleanup of social media.

Facebook has its annoyances with censorship, but Twitter is the absolute worst with shadowbanning and the endless number of NPC spambots who swarm and attack anyone east of the far left.

And now our POTUS has gotten Twitter's echo chamber to go after Facebook.


The better things are, the more hysterical our side gets.

The danger now is that this constant doom-crying will rev up a right-wing nutter who will commit a mass-casualty atrocity that will play into the hands of the Democrats.

It's never too late to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Isn't it fantastic to see Brian Cates @drawandstrike getting the respect he deserves?

Brian is so humble that he doesn't seem to realize that PapaD and others were actually searching him out. Such is Cates influence, that there people want to meet Brian.

Anyway bravo & kudos, fellow warrior. Fighting in the trenches with you has been a great honour.


Alexandra Chalupa's sister is absolutely freaking out on twitter. Good Lord - they're scared as hell!

From John Miller:

My take on his thread: Hillary isn't going to jail. But her and her cronies in the permanent political class will have their curtain pulled back so that they are revealed to the light of public perception. And thus their legitimacy destroyed.

Trump's end game: destroy the over-centralized and unconstitutional system that enabled and empowered Hillary and her cronies to sell "protection" and influence, while distracting the nation with other things.




When the Syrian people began protesting in 2011, Assad's men opened fire immediately.


This is the intro to Scott Adams' upcoming book, "Loserthink".
This intro will, itself, start to free the reader from their mental prison by revealing the invisible wall around our minds. He'll burst our bubbles, and we'll love it.

@SlackerX @Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

It has to be this way.

In the past, we were given a false choice:

Isolationism or interventionism.

There's a third way:

Nationalist internationalism.

America first, but we'll help others IF ASKED and if it's in our interests to do so.


Buttboy Rhodes, the modern day Goebbels, worked to infiltrate the main US media organs with corrupt, Obama partisans from the intel community.

The good news?

Trump has them & the outlets they work for in his crosshairs. They are DOOMED.

Enemy of the people.



Rudy Giuliani has ALWAYS been on fire. 🔥

The man is not afraid.

We lived in NYC when he was Mayor. I remember him kicking Arafat out of Lincoln Center at a celebratory event for UN members only.

He openly called Arafat a “murderer and terrorist.”

This was right after the first World Trade Center bombing. But Rudy was referring to the murder of Leon Klinghofer, aboard the Achille Lauro cruise ship. He knew Arafat was behind it.

Perfect attorney for our POTUS!

Chutzpah! 💪🏻


This is outstanding.

Trump unifies the GOP, as he said he would.

We forget, amidst the divisive barrage campaigns by the DNC media, that not everyone in D.C. is a LEADER. Most are POLITICIANS.

Uniting POLITICIANS like Haley, Sasse, Mulvaney, Graham, Rubio, Cruz, Lee, Paul, Portman, Toomey, Alexander....is a good, necessary, at times difficult. Trump can rally these folks for specific issues, even despite their recalcitrance in other areas.

This is MATURE management.

Another dusk on Joe Pool Lake. This is my counter to all the insane fake news out there trying to steal my harmony.

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