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Joe Biden left Americans to die in Afghanistan, do you really think he cares about your health or your life?


My wife, a federal employee, has told me for months if they mandate the vaccine, she’ll quit. I was all for it, it would’ve freed us up for camping anytime we want. I convinced her today to make them fire her.

My intent is to sue, or join in a class action lawsuit, against the government.

She’s never been fired from a job, this would be the first.

We’ll see after 3 months.

'Get vaxxed or you're fired'.

A new low.

This is how pathetic Biden & Co are. So desperate to distract the public from their abandonment of US citizens in Afghanistan, they now decide to bully and punish US citizens with vaccines.


I am double vaxxed and support vaccination, but I despise forcing people to vaccinate.

The Biden clowns are such idiots. When they're not failing 24/7, they create new opponents with their imbecilic stupidity.

As we speak, hundreds of CEOs and CFOs are crunching numbers and estimating the cost(s) of enforcing these mandates, and cost there will surely be. Those costs will manifest themselves in stagnant wages, lay-offs, crushing bureaucratic compliance paperwork and ultimately passed to the consumer. As my wife is want to say, “Nothing good will come of this” .

Remember that it is in Xi's interests to keep China Joe in the White House.

They must be concerned that their puppet may not last long.

If The Taliban start acting strangely and let US citizens leave Afghanistan, it's because the CCP have managed to persuade them to do so.

If the Taliban act with their normal savagery, it means that Xi hasn't yet got the influence he needs.

Interpret everything through that lens. Very important.

With just a few days left until the anniversary of 9/11, The Taliban reportedly hold 6 planeloads of US citizens hostages HOSTAGE in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Everyone is saying their release is predicated on payment of ransom. But a number of us have been pointing out that the Taliban don't need $$ this time. China backs them 100%.

Try to think like the Taliban. What price would you demand for US hostage release? Remember, the Biden clownshow has ZERO leverage.

They’ve waged war on every part of who we are, what we believe to the sanctity of our bodies/family/country. We stay silent because we fear the consequences & play into their hands. We’ve allowed them to divide us & now in Afghanistan we see the truth: it wasn’t ever a left/right issue, it’s a war of ideas & those doing the most damage to the ‘American idea’ are our own. The American people have the power to make it stop – they want you to be too afraid to use it.” -Lara Logan @LaraLogan

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis the human body is a marvelous machine, and we are no where near figuring it out. That is why I take every medical intervention that claims to be superior to our own defense mechanism ,with a large grain of salt!

"A new report shows that nearly 10% of landlords around the country collected less than half of their rent in 2020. Landlords who owned fewer than six units were most affected"

""I invested in these properties, never thinking I wouldn't have a place to live," LaCasse said. "I just want my house. That's it. I just want my house."


Dr. Peter Mccullough clears up some misinformation about Covid, and gives some valuable info, including treatment options.

Maddow gets an astonishing $30 million a year contract with COMCAST.

For what? Her ratings have been a disaster.

Reminder - Comcast is a key CCP propaganda vehicle. It also has huge business in China and is beholden to pursuing the interests of Beijing. Quote:

'NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC are owned by Comcast which also owns Universal Pictures which is a minority partner to five Chinese state-owned companies in the Universal Beijing Resort. '

More here :

"Please don’t blame Biden’s rudeness and arrogance on his growing senility, which you deny anyway. He has been an elitist bully for years. Ask Clarence Thomas and other judicial appointees. This myth that Biden is and has been a gentle, courteous soul is insulting."

~ David Limbaugh 🐦
❤️ I miss his brother RUSH

The stupidity of the liberal knows no bounds.

Some are out there saying that a measure of success is '123,000 people were evacuated from Afghanistan'.

Their tiny brains don't appear to have worked out that Biden's criminal negligence is the reason that they were forced to flee for their lives.

Just 2 weeks ago, none of them would have sensed there was any danger.

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