Yesterday I saw someone riding a bike all alone wearing a mask, this morning I see someone walking all by themselves wearing a mask.

These are the people that I seriously shake my head. The ones who wear them in stores I don't shake my head as much.

I love how I see smoker's think because of their habit they can litter the ground of cigarette butts.

I just watched two smokers get out of their cars with butts in their mouths, take the last drag off it and throw it to the ground.

Wife just thought it was funny because she never heard anyone say "I love thinking".

Both just thought it was silly and I can see the silliness but again I love thinking. 😊

My wife and I were talking and she jokingly said I should be on medication because of all the things I think about.

I replied back saying I love thinking.

Now both my wife and daughter are laughing at me. I thought it wasn't funny because I do love thinking, it makes me want to learn things, figure out solutions.

Again I just love to think.

Watched a video with a compilation of videos of other people recording theses so called 'influencers' recording their TikTok videos in Public.

I wish I could develope a small handheld EMP device where I can walk by them and fry their phones while they are recording themselves.

I don't really mean that of course but it would be funny secrectly frying just these people's devices when they are doing this shit in public.

You know the country was in good shape then the virus came and now everything went to shit.

Some will say it was the virus that caused it and the rest of us just smile and say sure it was all because of the virus.

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What's peoples thoughts on this Sodium-ion batteries that being talked about. I have no thought other then being causious.

All these people who believe Trump and his administration were fascists because Democrats and media said so don't even realize they are witnessing fascism in play.

Basically living in it.

Setting my preload on my pinion with new bearings calls for between 16 - 28lbs. Well the first yoke holding tool failed, had to buy the better tool and what I should of got in the first place.

A funny, my wife showed me what she bought and she saw me just looking at her with no reaction. She then said something like does it seem gay because of the rainbow colors. I said to her at the end of our quick conversation that we had "when have you seen the rainbow used with Christmas" and she couldn't think of one instance.

It's amazing how they convinced people where one who celebrates Christmas says Happy Holidays to another who celebrates Christmas.


Will switching to a Holley Terminator EFI eliminate the utilization of the speed sensors at the wheels used for ABS system? Does it also eliminate the use of the crash sensors for the Air Bag system?

I don't have a big concern loosing those but was just curious because I believe hearing that's true and wonder if you know.


Funny little thing about my Cobra Mustang Project.

While it has been sitting for years stripped, it has been been used to hide Christmas gifts thoughout those years and again this year.

Oh I do have subframe connectors already and I will be doing a bolt in four point roll bar.

I won't be drag racing it so the chassis is good enough for what I am doing.

The motor I am building will be running a single turbo and all that power will go through a T-56 Magnum transmission.

Everything I am doing is by myself besides building the motor and the body work. I want people who know what they are doing to handle that part.

I am hoping to have it completed by end of next summer, maybe sooner. When you can do a lot yourself you can save a lot of money.

Purchased and have already received half of the order which is a complete Maximum Motorsports suspension.

I have a body shop that will take the car when he has availability. I will get everything blasted underneath, same with the engine compartment. Fix some issues and get it all painted underneath.

Working with someone on building a new small block. The current 302 will rip apart with over 500hp. So purchased a new Dart block, just waiting on it and then off to engine builder.

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