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AUSTIN, Texas — Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted by the state Senate on all 16 articles of impeachment related to accusations of bribery, disregard of official duty, and dereliction of duty.

In a stunning show of vindication, the majority GOP body chose not to convict Paxton and allowed him to return to the office immediately and finish out his third term after being suspended without pay since late May.

It's pretty funny how things work. 🤪

Biden Impeachment Inquiry

We need a distraction

Hunter indicated on gun charges

Gosh I have to get better on proof reading. I don't know how I slipped in the letter 'r' after teh letter 'u'.

Luckily we have no word Nazis here to make me feel bad.

This is why I have hope for our Courntry, it's not going to happen overnight but it's happening.


This is what the US government did to this individual who resulted in hanging himself.


Something I learned from the bearded duo last night.

It's a waste of our energy saying more and more blacks are coming to Trump is a sign they are moving away from Democrats.

I do believe a movement is slowly developing but to think in 24 that a large block of them will start voting correctly is a fantasy.

There is a large number of the older generation that won't change. Yes the younger generation on social media are waking up and reaching out but that's probably only about 1% to 2%.

Today was a bad day for the country but also a day that will shine brightness going forward.

Trump will get huge numbers of American voters that have the skin color of black.

I really believe the Democrats have lost the majority of them.

So judging from the insight from this great place we call QV it appears Trump won the debate and he didn't even have to show.

11 million views so far on Twitter for the Trump Tucker interview.

I have been following Steve Morris for some time now and here's a video on the differences between his SML and SMX engines. These engines are specifically designed for boost used in Drive and Drag events.

I would recommend anyone who's into this stuff to follow Steve Morris.


Silly me, I had the wrong 'T' day, it's Thursday not Tuesday.

Trump is going to get even more popular after tomorrow.

I can't wait for his mugshot on a T-shirt because I'll buy one.

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