Hoax that Jussie Smollett was part of is back in the news.

Hoax was used in part of passing anti lynching law.

Trump choose the word lynching to be used in a tweet yesterday, the same day this hoax was back in the news.

Media flips out because of the word but Trump is the master troller and used the word brilliantly just in time for the Hoax to be back in the news.

I just can't get enough of this show, every episode keeps bringing you back in for more.

Pelosi's brother dead, this will just continue to happen.

This is the best fucking show ever and it never stops.

He's the most entertaining person ever to be our leader, our President, someone we can look up to. He's so real, he connects with us, he loves us and will fight for us.

I love this fucking man, he just keeps making me love him more, my country more, all of you more, love life even more, and putting a damn smile on my face by just having a quick thought of all of this.

I am just overall happier and it feels great.

Jeff Zucker is completely crazy, he believies all this crazy shit and forces his network to force feed this garbage to the viewers because he knows his viewers work off emotion which will generate revenue.

Loved Trump's tweet about Elijah, we all know he doesn't truly mean any of it.

Elijah Cummings dead...... It's sad when people past away but in my eyes this man was part of evil so I don't really care.

It's strange though that he was recently being called out for his failures in his district and now he's dead.

Please don't interpret that line above as me moving to a conspiracy about his death. It's just amazing he was exposed and shortly later now he's dead.

Trump has been incredible in his first term so far but he's even better now he's in full offense mode now.

Gosh I don't how much more I can love this Presidient, he just keeps impressing me which is raising my love for him.

He completely destroyed ABC today and I loved every minute of it.

LeBron is a true idiot saying the GM was misinformed about Hong Kong.

Well Jeff Zucker is going bye bye, Trump just tweeted it.

We all know when Trump tweets something like this it will happen.

Does anyone know if CNN is trying to spin the latest Project Veritas video?

Wait no on here watches CNN, my bad. 😂🤣😂🤣

Nancy Pelosi is going along with everything because she has nothing else and she's trying to protect her son.

I don't know, just maybe that's some of the reasons.

No doubt someone will be selling t-shirts with 'Where's Hunter' tomorrow.

I love how Pence is now using 'Drain the Swamp' when he speaks.

This is just my thought but I believe both Joe Biden and Bill Clinton will be dead in the next year or two.


I have read about Judas Goats very early when Thomas first brought them to light. I guess I didn't fully understand becasue I read Thomas's newest thread on Judas Goats.

These 'eat the babies' people are the followers of Judas Goats.

So a Bill Clinton appointed Judge has struck down the appeal to stop the release of 8 years of Trumps's tax returns.

Well a emergency appeal has been filed to the Second Circuit now.

I am 🤔 thinking that these 'eat the babies' people are Judas Goats that @ThomasWic have been talking about.

I don't know, these people could actually be that crazy.
Just look at the type of people AOC attracts.

Hey everyone, I don't know it's me or not but I get all excited like a kid again when either @Debradelai or @ThomasWic favourited or boost one of my toots.

Thank you both. 😁

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