I feel like my little gut feeling I had for a while that Flynn will be exonerated and rehired by Trump may come true.

I know at least he will be exonerated but it would still be awesome if he is back working for Trump.

I am back on Twitter to follow @REX who is now @rexxurection

Everyday I see something that I find so impressive with the Trump Administration. They are always rich with information, important information.

The Press Conferences are basically brilliant hence the reason why MSM are not airing them or not even running them.

He's the most transparent President ever, he uses social media so brilliantly as well. A average citizen with a computer or a phone can use YouTube and learn so much on how government works and basically see how Trump works.

I just been watching General Mark Milley over and over since yesterday.

I just fill up with so much pride and I am so excited listening to him. God Bless our Country, our Military, our President and the rest of the wonderful people that make our country so great!!

1st day of April and basically the military was called to destroy the cartels.

It's going to be a hot Spring.

I see a video in Live Leak that the subject says Trump blames Hospitals for Coronavirus masks.

Didn't watch because I simply agree, both the hospitals along with the State's are at fault.

Well Charlie Baker just extended school closing to May 4th. 🤯

I tell you Trump tires me out, I been pretty committed watching all the Press Conferences but man him and his team just keep going.

God Bless Trump and this Administration.

I think he is here for all the fraud being created from people using this virus.

Barr at today's press conference, could be interesting.

President Trump the most transparency president we ever had made me understand government much more and on how it operates.

I am also enjoying watching him fix everything as well.

Ok just throwing out a thought that is wild and it doesn't mean I believe it, it's just imagination.

Imagine we wake up one day finding out that all these individuals who got away because they belong to the other tier of the justice system were taken away in the middle of the night.

This would be a time for something like that to happen. One could only dream.

These so called jouranlist are the stupidest people I ever seen.

I like him having these press conferences everyday because he's showing the American public how stupid and unhonest these people are. At the same time he's showing the American people of his incredbile leadership skills.

God Bless President Trump!!

California now in a lockdown, oh I mean a stay at home order.

Just go on liveleak and you will see we are not the only ones suffering from this Liberal Pandemic with our shelves being stripped of basic need items.

This virus is a pandemic in parts of the world but in the United States we have a good grip on handling it.

The lying really has ramp up by these so called jounalist and these so called politicians.

I mean they lie all the time but it's just worst now with this virus.

A little confused but not really.

People say this Virus is more contagious then the flu. But it spreads like the flu so how can one virus be more contagious then another if they are delivered the same way?

If there is a real explaination please share with me because I am really interested.

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