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I've said it before, but I still marvel as it truly extraordinary to be a witness to history.

President Trump is an historic figure. In human history very few of us will ever get to observe greatness. We read about in the history books. To actually witness the cosmic shift in the direction of the World politic because of this one man is rare, a less than once in a lifetime experience.

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Hey Twatholes, in this great day for Freedom, Saul Montes-Bradley, @Debradelai, who never broke any rules and whom you censored for his support of @GenFlynn and @POTUS has asked us to relay a message to you.


Ouch! Grenell's outgoing volley. Hope Warner has some butt suave. A always recommend special formula no. 45

Troll baby, troll.
Love Gov Abbott
Texas is a State of mind🤠

Greg Abbott
May 18

If you weren't sure the Swamp was draining? Swamp apologist
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Read this thread, all the way through and its continuation. Judge Sullivan should be furious at the special counsel’s lawyers. Instead he’s trying to resurrect their case.
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Undercover Huber
· May 15
Flynn’s original FD-302 is so important, the Special Counsel had to leak a prosecution threat against Flynn’s son just to avoid turning it over to his original lawyers Covington

This is the calm before the storm. To see the President this relaxed should worry the 💩 out of Obama minion Judge Sullivan. No idea what's coming down the pike, but Sullivan's legal chicanery will not stand. Godspeed @GenFlynn .

President Trump''s copter presser today. Goes about six minutes. Listen carefully . Does this sound like a man who is worried about anything?
This bring me great comfort. If he's not worried. I'm not worried.

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Let me see...

Two inbred asswipes shoot and kill an unarmed black man.

What could possibly make anyone think that was a racially motivated attack?

I hope they hang those two mogoloids until the flesh rots off of their bodies.

Fool me once? Fool me twice?
This is not his first Rodeo. Judge Sullivan was duped (evidence withheld by prosecutor). His reaction will speak volumes. What happened to @GenFlynn and our Republic is one hundred times worse than the malfeasance of the Sen. Stevens travesty (Sullivan fooled once) No one was ever convicted (only two charged, then case dismissed, one committed suicide). This time, justice must prevail
Godspeed to Gen. Flynn & his family

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My Brother, You remember how many times I told you this day was coming.

Now remember this:

Yes. They'll pay.


May 7th is turning out to be one Heck of a day.
Godspeed @GenFlynn Thanks for being the tip of the spear. We are all in your debt.

Once Ratcliffe is confirmed, where does Trump send Grennel next.
He is a one man wrecking crew.
Swamp Cleaner 🐊 🐊 🐊 extraordinaire!

Remember the Helicopter Presser
"I caught them all" Patience.
Trust the Boss

The gloves are off and the beat down continues.
@SidneyPowell is gonna take'em all down.
Godspeed @GenFlynn . You are a Patriot with with few peers. We are all in your debt. Thank you for being a fierce defender of the Republic no matter the personal cost. History will remember you with the Founders who risked everything to insure our God given liberty.

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The boss knows more than we do, but I would not declassify anything until next year. Say, March.

He does it know and by the time of the conventions nobody will remember a thing.

Holy Cow!
It's been a long time coming.
Godspeed @GenFlynn

Catherine Herridge
DOJ official confirms @CBSNews
US attorney will join Flynn Attorney @SidneyPowell1
calling for new records to be unsealed. AG Barr directed US attorney Jeffrey Jensen to scrutinize Flynn case. First batch docs small, including handwritten notes. But review delivering more

President's shot over the bow. "General Flynn is a good man. What happened to General Flynn should never happen again"

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