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"In a statement, the Minnesota Republican wrote on Twitter: “Tonight, St. Louis Park City Council chose to listen to their constituents, & fellow Americans, by restoring the Pledge as a part of their meetings. Republicans & Democrats alike should be proud to recite the Pledge of Allegiance & not made to feel ashamed of being Americans.”

Waaat??!! GOP "fighting back"? Who NU!!??

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@drawandstrike @Momma_Voke @ThomasWic @EngOnDemand

I have a soft spot for Brosnan's Bond.

They actually managed to snag Brosnan for one of the older Bond video games: "Everything or Nothing" for PlayStation 2, GameCube & the original Xbox.

They even spent money to surround him with an all-star cast too, including Judi Dench, John Cleese, and the Green Goblin himself, Willem Dafoe!

The story is pretty silly, but for an action game it's phenomenal for its time.

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Well, here's a reason to hope that Minnesota hasn't been completely overrun by liberal insanity ...

Decision to nix Pledge of Allegiance spurs 'USA!' chant at Minnesota city council meeting

Get a load of that liberal hag council woman 'defending' their anti-Americanism.

Found a video you guys might like:

A FANTASTIC video about the 1983 False Alarm, the Cold War, and just how close humanity came to annihilation.

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Reminder to "Native" Texans....

In response to a bullsh^t post by Ryan Saavedra and bullsh^article from the "Hill."

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I may or may not turn this into a thread depending on how much time I have.

Basically, I wanna complain about gun owners. They need to drop the pessimistic fatalism they've been overindulging in. It's neither healthy nor based in any sound lohic (much the same as the preppers who've been screaming for years about the coming "societal collapse" or whatever it is they have their panties in a wad about these days).

Might come off as a bit harsh, but its necessary.

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"Compares the project to Soldier Field"

Goin' off on a tangent here, but the current Soldier Field is SAD.
Not only did they essentially land an ugly metal spacecraft inside what was originally a huge beautiful stadium, but they turned it into the second smallest stadium in the NFL. Only 61,500 people.

Keep in mind Chicago's a BIG city.

Meanwhile, the tiny town of Green Bay, WI has an 80,000 seat NFL stadium!

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Isn't it funny how people show their freedom and nonconformity in exactly the same way, as a unified crowd of totally identical people?

In the armed forces, the outward appearance has nothing to do with the mind.

You have FAR MORE DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT in the armed forces than in any social movement.

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@MrHobbit @Debradelai I often wonder about stories like this. Never hear about this type of stuff in the US as a Catholic.

But I am hearing all these stories of just how screwed up Latin American countries are, how intertwined the church is with it, and I look at our current Latin Socialist Pope, and wonder what can be done...

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(1) Bigotry, the bastard child of ignorance is never pretty.

When my family went to Argentina in the 1800s, non-Catholics were not considered people.

They had no rights of any kind.

Killing a man's dog carried a harsher penalty than killing a "heretic."

Never mind his horse.

The Catholic Church had a monopoly on registries.

Non-Catholics could not legally marry and their children were considered illegitimate "bastards."

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For @baldilocks

You wrote, "Psalm 23:4

'Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.'"

I pieced together the incredible story of Yemeni Brigadier General Tareq Abdullah Saleh.

It took me months.

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🇺🇸 🚷 🇲🇽
Here are some details on the GoFundMe WALL that just got built in El Paso.

1) This is a big deal. This closes the last gap in a NONSTOP 42-44 mile stretch below El Paso. Juarez is the 2nd largest city in Mexico.

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"The Word Police" rears it's ugly, retarded head in our midst.

A platitude mounted on a fallacy appealing to emotions. The usual shit.

For idiots like these, it's words that matter, not actions!

OMG! He said retarded! I know a kid who can't control his drool who's such a sweetheart it hurts!

That kid i's probably exponentially more intelligent than you.

No excuse me, got to go fix my retarding engine.

Political Correctness is a cancer.

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The beast that threw the little boy off the balcony at the Mall of America has been sentenced to 19years.

There are times when I am so glad that I am not a judge. I couldn’t be so lenient.

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Given how utterly dysfunctional the House Dems are, they might not even impeach at all.
Nancy Pelosi knows that impeachment is a death sentence for her party, so she's gonna drag her feet on it as long as possible, hoping for more Amash-ed potatoes to come out & give Dems good publicity.

Either way, the Dems are f*cked.

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