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"Remain in social distancing" better be a general recommendation like "wash your hands" or "don't cough on people's faces"...

For sure as I can be this country is NOT "staying in place" until the end of April.

No fucking way.

The remedy is proving to be way worse than the illness.

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This flu and the panic and the hysteria that accompany it is resulting in a sharp increase in approval for the President and the GOP.

The psychotic rage of the insane Left is not producing a corresponding increase in enthusiasm from Democrats in favor of their own candidates.

The collapse of Dem voters'
enthusiasm is the biggest problem for the Democrats

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This is not true:

"The Chinese Coronavirus attack has been quite effective. Many blame Trump. Don't doubt the power of 24/7 propaganda."

No - it has not been effective. Precisely the opposite.

The same people who blame the President are those who blame the President for the weather.

That has no changed.

I dismiss and laugh at "24 hour propaganda". It has been a spectacular failure and will continue to be so

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It's fair to be frustrated by the lack of apparent action by the DOJ. At the same time, I trust both Barr and Durham regarding their investigations.

I am surprised when justice is done. However, they are men I trust, based on character and their records.

These issues are low on the list of importance for the vast majority of voters. That is not how we see them - but it's true, especially now. There is no evidence suggesting they will have an impact on the election

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This is extremely important to people on this forum and to anyone who cares about justice, decency and our nation:

"Continued failure to round up and indict SpyGate, ObamaGate and the Clinton Crime Group will cost Trump dearly."

However - no one will refuse to vote for Trump because of this.

Most conservatives are aware of this. But it is not an issue that can give the election to Biden.

I have not seen any evidence to suggest this, and I reject this theory

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This is not true:

"never underestimate leftist goons. They do know how to play dirty and win."

The Left have been destroying themselves steadily since election day, 2016.

Your thread suggests that Biden will win.

I do not agree.

Panic and despair are the only things that can hurt us - nothing the decaying Left can do.

You are giving the Left power they do not have.

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So, the World Health Organization is now screaming that the China Virus is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC...

...a few weeks ago they were saying, "Oh, nothing's wrong, everything's fine."

I say it's time The WHO get's disbanded for being incompetent.

Last night was a disaster for Bernie Sanders.

The DNC was most likely to rig superdelegates against him anyways, but in order to mitigate that and appear to be the more legitimate candidate Bernie needed to win BIG.

Instead, it's BIDEN who has the lead.
If Bernie can't decisively win the first ballot, he stands no chance in the second ballot.

"Bob Iger Out as Disney CEO, Effective Immediately"

Granted, it's been known for a while that he was going to retire in 2021, and he is still chairman until then...

...but I was NOT expecting him to step down this early!

Maybe something for us to keep track of...

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Ignore this idiot.

COVID-19 is spread through the mucus of an infected person. Masks do nothing to protect you.

The disease is spread by HANDS. Wash your hands, especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

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I don't know anything about the comic-book culture, but it sure seems like race isn't an issue.

My guess is that the vast majority of the country was held hostage by maybe 5 percent of us.

And THAT is another thing Trump with his "mean boor" persona.

He liberated people from the totalitarian micro-minority.

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Pelosi kept doing double takes and freaking out both when listening to Trump AND when reading her copy of the speech.

I wonder if she was fed a leaked copy and then the actual speech turned out to be different.

Wouldn't that be an epic revenge for all the leaks -- to force Nancy Pelosi to choke on a barium meal on live TV at the state of the union!

Eye-opening thread about Johnny Depp:

All the recent coverage about him was that he was allegedly abusive to his ex, Amber Heard.

In reality, it was HE who was being abused all along.

By looks of things, Heard beat Depp to a pulp, then went claiming to destroy him for trying to escape.


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The year 2020 marks the 400-year anniversary of the arrival of the Pilgrims to Cape Cod in 1620.

What a great opportunity for progressives and communists to condemn everything white and European and to condemn 400 years of oppression.

What a great opportunity for Trump supporters to cheer the courage, faith and vision of the forefathers of our country's founders.

What a great year to re-elect President Trump!!🇺🇸

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One year.

Over 13,000 users. Active users.

Over 2.3 MILLION posts.

We are just getting started.

The one thing that keeps 1917 from being a masterpiece is that the plot is a generic "guy goes out to war and it's terrible" story. It's missing that one genuinly unique element to take the film to the next level.

To sum it up:
The story was generic,
but the atmosphere was excellent.

The one-shot gimmick will depend a lot on your personal preference on whether you like it or not, but I thought it was handled well.

That's my thoughts on 1917.
What do you guys think of the film?

But on the plus side, the film benefits from truely amazing cinematography. When we see the protagonist go into No-Man's Land, the cameraman finds new details (mud building up on their boots, rats falling from a bunker ceiling) to keep the audience engaged and flesh out the world and characters.

1917 is all about atmosphere. Easily one of the most atmospheric films of the past year, so I give it a high mark on that.

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