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Well people have restored my faith in humanity. Most of my fellow thinkers (I can't find a better term 😆 ) have flat out rejected Tulsi Gabbard.

Most of us see thru that BS and know if she get's in, it's over.

Let us march on to 2020 and reelect Orange Man so he can be bad!

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I think we can surmise that Blizzard Entertainment isn't exactly a fan of freedom. I'll never be a customer of theirs. 🖕

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I don't know what happened in Culiacán, Mexico, today, but it's clear that SOMEONE kicked some serious ass, and it's being hushed up.

First, a scene with a Sinaloa Cartel improvised armored vehicle.

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Everyone I know now, left, right and other, seems to be bored with the Dems' circuses. Count me in with them.

No shock, no passion, nothing, save the long wait to next November. I don't respond now. I just let them sleep on, they're all about to be awakened anyway soon enough.

News and Twitter are latching on to the leftist protesters outside Trump's rally,
but the Minneapolis police didn't break!

They had everything planned out and under control so that everyone could be funneled out of Target Center safely.

The officers tonight deserve a round of applause!🚔

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@Debradelai @MtnConservative

For those that have difficulty seeing the Support link ....

Bottom left side of the Toot button.

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"The Minneapolis police union has come out with a “Cops for Trump” T-shirt, just days after the Police Department banned officers from wearing their uniforms in support of candidates at political events or in ads."

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@MrHobbit He is everything Walt Disney despised. If only Walt could come back and fire him.

As a Disney fan, this really pisses me off:

My opinion on CEO Bob Iger has soured gradually the longer his tenure has dragged out and cracks appear throughout the company...

...but to see him openly BRAG about screwing over people like Roseanne Barr and George Lucas reveals him to be a total thug.

This asshole should have retired years ago,
like he was SUPPOSED to.

If you're a Democrat,
if the Star Tribune is blasting you for your actions,
it means you've f*cked up BIGLY.

"Minneapolis leaders botched their response to upcoming Trump campaign visit."

What looks more realistic?

-Roland Emmerich's new WW2 movie about Midway.


-A Call of Duty game.

Mark Hamill is who I consider to be Hollywood's "based retard":
50% of his comments are based,
The other 50% are completely retarded.

Today, he's the latter.

Good God.

So much idiocy by the media over a movie about a Batman villian.

Seriously, I don't hear any of this noise coming from the general public; only from insane media outlets.

From @LarrySchweikart on twitter. 👀

"Search Twitter
Larry Schweikart
Wall Street Democratic donors warn the party: We'll sit out, or back Trump, if you nominate Elizabeth Warren

As I said a year ago. None of these sporksnorkels has a chance against Trump. It can't be a "landslide" without NY or CA, but Trump will win huge.

11:53 AM · Sep 26, 2019·Twitter Web Client"

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She was seen giving President Trump the evil eye.

'You have stolen my dreams and childhood': Greta Thunberg sobs as she tells world leaders: 'You're still not mature enough to tell it like it is, the eyes of future generations are upon you' - after Trump blithely upstages her at UN Climate Summit

Environment activist Greta Thunberg broke down in tears while speaking at the UN Climate Summit in New York on Monday

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Is this really a surprise?
Georgia called Hollywood's empty bluff.

"Boycott backfires: Film and TV shows stay in Georgia after protest of heartbeat bill."

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Woman-beating, ANTIFA-Loving, Anti-American Keith Ellison's evil plan to trample our rights is dealt a setback....

This Is The Most Important Religious Liberty Decision Since Masterpiece Cakeshop

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