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The WaPo reporter pushing the Barr quitting story is the same reporter who lied that the altered Carter Page FISA evidence (CIA/Clinesmith) didn't affect the validity of the FISA application.
(It did.)

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Yes, on both counts.

The dirty CIA, FBI and DOJ crew are going down. All the Obama and Clinton core guard.

But this goes way deeper than many understand. Trump's pardons yesterday were Comey/Fitzgerald/Mueller prosecutions. Those 3 are also in big trouble.

To me it appears that DOJ have conducted reviews of cases involving this lot going way back and have found some extremely disturbing material.

Trump crackdown on China comes to Harvard. Chair of Chemistry and Chemical Biology dept arrested along with two Chinese military posing as students for collusion and passing research to Chinese. Nice part time job, selling proprietary technology for $50K per month.

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Charlie Kirk


Impeachment is over

Time to fight back

Senators have just requested Hunter Biden's official travel logs from the US Secret Service during his dad's time in the White House

It's time to get to the bottom of what started this entire sham

Where's Hunter?

2:33 PM · Feb 5, 2020

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I would like Trump to investigate all of the contracts and deals that the Democrats awarded as part of the "Stimulus" when øbama took over.

How much went to businesses run by his monkeys, like the Solyndra debacle?

What's so great about this SOTU is Trump rubbing Pelosi & infantile Democrats' noses in the soiled diaper of their failed Impeachment Sham. They have no retort for his accomplishments. They know he'll kill them in Nov. They can't stand it.

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I thought her expressions and even clowning around were bad (for her, great graphic material for Republicans), but the ripping of his speech behind his back and on-camera has got to be the political blunder of the decade.

Incredibly mean and stupid even by her standard.

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The incoming Obama administration has notified all politically-appointed ambassadors that they must vacate their posts as of Jan. 20, the day President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office.

Before he was sworn in he fired a bunch of ambassadors.

Was he impeached? Did the Dems or the media care? Or complain?

More attention needs to be given to what these havens for invading criminals are doing in their fight against ICE & Trump. At the same time, Trump deserves credit for what's been accomplished in spite of this opposition from blue states.
"Curbing immigration, both legal and illegal, has been a top priority for President Donald Trump...
He has tightened rules on who can come, restricted who can receive public benefits and sent more than 50,000 people back to Mexico to wait out asylum claims."

In spite of Trump's efforts to curb illegal immigration, sanctuary cities & states still fight him at every turn to protect these criminals. ICE is apparently turning up the heat.

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@dominiquemelted @Debradelai

I saw something last night about a 2017 ruling:

'Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals...Aliens are forbidden to vote in federal elections, the ruling says, adding that “another statute provides for the removal of aliens who vote in violation of either state or federal law.” '

Believe furst part refers to "18 U.S. Code § 611.Voting by aliens"

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@drawandstrike @ThomasWic

It is much ado about nothing.

Every Republican President since Eisenhower had to face impeachment efforts by Democrats who seem unable to accept someone may not vote for them.

It is a grotesque charade to everybody else, and should be laughed out of the Senate.

Literally. Laughed out.

To give in to a pretense of legitimacy is a mistake.

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Greta Thunberg's Facebook posts are actually posted by her father, according to several sources.

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James O'Keefe
Tomorrow, begins.

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Sounds like somebody in the Trump administration decided more thorough vetting of foreign military trainees actually would be a good idea. The investigation that followed the Pensacola shooting by a Saudi student uncovered some interesting results: between 12-20 to be expelled from the US. Other changes to be made in the program.

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@NevadaJack Stalin like pogroms. This is what they did in the 60’s moving section 8 into white neighborhoods along with daily threats and intimidation - from rape, arson to murder - to make the whites flee. Then they have the nerve to say you ran away from us, bigot. It’s terrorism by any other name. Genocide.

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